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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Myth, Aug 27, 2005.

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    (All prices reffered to are street prices)

    Hey, I'm just starting out and have a 3 part question:

    I have an M-Audio O-Zone and am not too thrilled with it anymore :( ; no master volume, no endless knobs, weak pre-amp. I want to start recording vocals and electric guitar and wouldn't trust the built-in preamp. So:

    I want to get a good interface and am leaning towards the Focusrite Saffire: onboard DSP, 4-ins, 8 outs. Up to 192 kHz sampling rate. Is this a wise choice? My budget would be $400 USD for the interface. Other options are the Presonus Firebox or the E-Mu 1616.
    What do you think?

    What would you recommend as far as a midi controller to replace my O-Zone? I like the endless knobs on the Alesis Photon x25. It seems like this would be ideal for performing live efficiently, I use Reason 2.5 (upgrading to 3 soon) and am probably getting Live within the next months too.

    But…I have heard many good things about Novation controllers, as well as Edirol's, which are paper thin, a plus for portability. I just want a stable, efficient controller with endless knobs if possible, audio interface not necessary. Budget for Controller is $300. Anything crappy about the Alesis? Let me know, what do you think?

    I'm looking to get a decent mic for vocals under $250, I've read many good things about the Røde NT1-A and the Audio-Technica 3035, and I am slightly interested in the Electro-Voice Cardinal but can't really find any reviews on it.

    Any other mics I should be aware of in this price range?

    Thanks in advance for your time! :D
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    Jan 31, 2004
    Home Page:
    why did you buy the ozone in the first place? i'm planning to pick up one myself now.

    and the reason is that i'm going to be travelling a lot for the next two years. i've got a four octace MK449C and i love it.
    but the ozone is offering a swiss knife equivalent and at a good price.
    can't manage too many items on the road. also don't have the budget for it.

    did you have similar reasons when you bought the ozone? are you unhappy with it because u are not travelling and so don't need to be tied down by size and weight, and so seek something better?
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