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    Hi all,

    Got possibly an obvious question for anybody who knows. As maybe most of you know the UK the UK music chart rules are changing requiring all record companies to not only release and standard CD and Vinyl formats, but I've recently been asked for something called a "Digital Master" for downloads, as the 'Download Chart' is merging with the normal charts April 17th 2005.

    Does anybody know what format this is and if it's any different to just a "mastered" normal 16/24 bit wav, aiff or SDII file? I know itunes uses a protected aac (m4a) format and others seem to use mp3, etc. How do you encode all the information needed (IDTAGS) for the download companies in a standard WAV, AIFF or SDII file? Is there a special program to do this and can you embed ISRC codes?



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    to be certain how they want it delivered, you should ask. Normally though, it's just an audio CD isrc coded and no crossfades between songs. Normally they have a guy rip and ID the tracks and encode them for the site. But again, you should ask, they might prefer aiff files or wav files. There is special software for itunes but you have to registered to use it.
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