Digital Mixer + Adat


Hey, i am a newcomer to the board and was wanting some advice. I've been doin some local recording for about a year now, using my digi001. I am wanting to upgrade to a digital mixer and hard disk. I've been looking at the Tascam DM24 as well as a panasonic board, and for the hard disk, i was lookin at the tascam mx2424 and the alesis hd24 as well as a fostex. i am looking to buy used off ebay around the first of the year, or if you have something i may be interested in, thats another option. anyway, what would you recommend.



how about an Akai DPS-24... I use a PC so I dont need one, but i got to play with one recently and was very impressed.



thanks for the input guys, but i would like to have 24 simultaneous tracks to record with (as well as faders for each), so i'm thinking seperate mixer and hard disk. thanks, but do you have any suggestions more focused in that area?


My investigating led me to believe that the Tascam was the best bet over Mackie (software probs) and Alesis (destructive record). I am interested by the Fostex unit, couldn't find enough info on it, and I would also tell you to look at RADAR. David


hey everyone,
Thanks for everything. Just to let you know, i came across a great dal on the mackie d8b for under 2 grand, so i'm getting that, but now i'm looking at options for an adat. if you have any suggestions please feel free to post. also, what route do you think i should go? I can either get an adat and do all the editing from the board, i could get an interface (i.e. MOTU 2408mkIII) and record to Nuendo and do all the editing there, or i could get an adat and run it into an interface and do editing in both the pc and the mackie. What do you think would be the best option. this will predominantly be used in a small studio, however i would like to be able to record live as well. Let me know what you think.



Feb 23, 2003
A d8b under 2 grand is a sweet deal!

Make sure and get the Apogee clock card for the d8b - makes a word of difference. If you use a hard disc recorder, things will sound better if you use an extenal word clock (I use a Lucid GenX 6)

If you use ADAT's you will need a box like the JL Cooper DataSyncII to allow the transport controls on the d8b control your ADAT's

Don't get ADAT's. Media costs will kill you. If you figure what you spend on tape vs hard drives, the ADAT is more expensive in the long run even if you get them for free.

I switched from ADAT's to a hard disc recorder and I haven't regretted it ever.

On hard disc recorders:

I've never heard a bad word spoken about RADAR (other than they cost a pretty penny) and I've heard many many good things about the RADAR's converters/sound/and reliability.

The Tascam 2424 is a very good, stable unit. It's major downside, in my opinion, is that you have to have an external computer for the GUI to work.

The Mackie HDR works well. Mackie has fixed the software problems and hard disc limitation problems nicely. I know this to be true because I have owned one for a couple years and I am (now - after problems being addressed) quite happy with it.

The Alesis hard disk unit unit, the Mackie MDR, and Mackie SDR all work okay but none of them have GUI editing capabilities. They are basically ADAT replacement decks.

If I I was buying today and I had the money, I'd buy a RADAR.
If I was buying today and was on a budget, I'd get the Machie HDR.
Just my .02 yen.