Digital Recorder-- Boss BR600 vs. Fostex MR-16HD

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by radi0headfan, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. radi0headfan

    radi0headfan Active Member

    Jun 9, 2008
    ive been looking into getting a digital recorder and thought some of you could help me out...right now its between the Boss BR-600 (2 simultaneous tracks) selling for $349 and the Fostex 16-track (4 simultaneous tracks) recorder w/ a built-in 40 GB hard drive on sale for $399 (was previously $499) having a hard time deciding-- Boss seems to have much greater variety of effects (including the onboard drum machine), and apparently more durability after reading reviews, but i feel the Fostex could be a little more useful in a band setting where more inputs are handy.. the Boss doesn't have phantom power, but i figure i can manage with the onboard condenser mic until i get a mixer

    my budget is $5-600 so i was thinking of getting the recorder along w/ the MXL 4000/603 condenser mic set for now ($199 for the mics, which i think is a pretty good deal)..the mixer i was planning on saving up for is the Behringer Eurorack UB1222FX-Pro ...this would be my first home recording setup, and i dont plan on upgrading for at least several yrs, so im looking for good quality at a reasonable price appreciate any input abt these devices, as well as suggestions on setups you think may be better for the $$ im working with..thanks
  2. hackenslash

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    Jun 9, 2008
    People's Republic Of Mancunia
    Fostex of the two. See what you can get the BR1600CD for before you decide, though. A great little unit.

    Alternatively, have a look at audio interfaces for your PC. There are many that comce bundled with limited editions of DAW software, most of which will outperform either of those units. Fro example, many interfaces come bundled with Cubase LE4, nowadays. It will give you 8 simultaneous inputs, and a fair few effects. Additionally, you can get shedloads of free effects and synthesisers that integrate directly with Cubase.

    There are also other DAW apps available with different interfaces. Make sure you research this properly before you commit to a purchase.
  3. radi0headfan

    radi0headfan Active Member

    Jun 9, 2008
    thanks hackenslash.. that BR-1600 does look nice..too bad its over $1K :(.. havent really looked into the audio interfaces much but it sounds like a good alternative considering my budget and all.. you have any suggestions of some within the $3-400 range?
  4. Greener

    Greener Guest

    Audiobox, Firebox, Edirol UA-25.
    All good.
  5. RemyRAD

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    Sep 26, 2005
    While numerous brands of low-cost control room in a box can be an enticing, they're also toys. Professional results can be had within their limited feature sets.

    In that respect, a low-cost computer audio interface with a Limited edition bundled software package has the greater ability to produce studio quality results. Something that can be easily upgraded with an improved software package or or faster computer.

    If I were you, I wouldn't waste money on the cheap condenser microphone. But rather, pickup a couple of SM57's and a couple of inexpensive foam up filters. This will provide you with more professional results than a cheap sounding condenser microphone. This as a recognizable quality factor.

    But if I had to choose of your 2 selections, I'd choose the Fostex dedicated recorder. You'd still have to utilize an inexpensive microphone preamp for the front end. Later transferring the tracks into your computer for mixing as you'll never get the results you want on an inexpensive mixer with no outboard equipment.

    Go for the separate components.
    Ms. Remy Ann David

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