Digitech Whammy Pedal won't power on

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair Modifications DIY' started by kmetal, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Hey i just tried to use my 2 yr old whammy pedal which i purchased new, and i see no lights, and it will not transmit sound. This pedal only has a couple hours on it, and has been kept in my house, near all my other pedals which work. The only unusual thing is i left it down at my studio for a couple weeks along w/ a couple stomp boxes. The studio is a more humid than my house, but has no mold, and a dehumidifier, which was about 10 feet from the whammy the whole time. I tried the other pedals that were there, and they still work fine. I'm using the whammy's OEM power supply.
    While i'm pretty handy w/ a hammer and nails, i'm a bit gun-shy with electronics, especially after reading about how difficult it is to separate the pedal's top/bottom, after all the fasteners are undone.
    Any suggestions are appreciated, in the mean time i'm going to prop it up near my home's dehumidifier.
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    I'm not familiar with your pedal but can it be used on battery power and if so have you tried it? At least that will eliminate the PSU unit.
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    If you have a multimeter, check the power adapter and make sure it is providing the proper voltage when plugged into the wall.
    The other thing to look for is the adapter plug if the adapter has the proper voltage. Make sure it is making good contact to the pedal connector...sometimes those become loose and don't make good contact.

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