Dilemma...more gear or Moulton Labs Golden Ears?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by therecordingart, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. therecordingart

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    Jul 28, 2004
    I've come to the point that I think it might be pointless for me to keep spending money on gear, and not enough time on training my ears.

    I was going to buy another low price preamp (VTB-1) or Moulton Labs Golden Ears. I'm thinking that being able to use my ears more effectively will be the better buy. What do you think?

    Has anyone tried out the Golden Ears product?
  2. recarbo

    recarbo Guest

    I think you're strong for for not letting the gear bug keep leading
    you around by the nose. It really is absurd. I struggle to get this monkey off my back daily.

    I'm not a veteran nor a AE of ANY reknown. I DO think that there is a level of gear to which you MUST arrive: mabye a pair of great pres, likewise mics, likewise monitors, likewise treating the room, before you can compete with even the average sound we hear in commercial music.

    I'm almost where I want to be except for... but that's the problem right? There's always that list...

    I thought the Golden Ears package very valuable, then again I worked out only half the first section before I realized I needed
    get better monitors just to hear it well! I still have the package,
    will get back to it just because you jogged my memory!

    recording ART.... yes it is! The great painters: sure they had their period of schooling, then some starved just to get the $$$ for good brushes, the next batch of paints, etc. But all the while they
    were honing a skill with NEXT to NOTHING except their ever-clarifying perceptions to guide them.

    That's our situation too. Buena Suerte, amigo
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