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    I'm having a dilemma and I hope someone here can help me with it.

    First let me tell you what the plan is, I want to record my guitar,
    keyboard, bass, some vocals, samples and maybe some drums. And
    bring the recordings to my pc to edit them.

    Then what I currently have:
    -pc 3ghz on windows xp
    with soundblaster live
    -powerbook 1,5ghz on mac os 10.4
    with standard soundinterface
    -powermac g3 400mhz on mac os 9.2.2
    with KORG 1212 I/O - Multi-channel Audio Recording Interface Card

    I was planning to use the powermac just for audio purposes and a
    while ago I bought a second hand korg soundcard from a friend.

    But I didn't really thougt about how I was going to record. I heard
    that it's possible to connect a ADAT interface witch allows you to
    connect jack plugs and xls plugs lik a Behringer - ADA 8000.

    But I'm in doubt, is this a good way to record? Can the powermac
    take the stress? And is there a good audio recording program for
    mac os 9.2.2??

    Or is it better to forget about the mac or the Korg card and buy a
    usb/firewire interface. I saw the Tascam US-122.

    Or is a complete stand alone interface the best option? Like a Zoom
    MRS 1044? http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/models/mrs1044/pdmodel.html

    My needs:
    -I don't need a lot of channels but 2 is the minimum, 4 would be
    great when recording drums. I'm not recording everything at once
    but with drums it's nice to have a couple of mics.
    -It doesn't have to be very small/portable.
    -The recordings are always going to a pc for audio editing and stuff.
    -And it would be nice if I could use the old mac, but if that's not
    going to do the job then not.
    -And my budget is max 400€/500$ and I don't mind if stuff is second

    I hope someone give me some advice on this cause the guy I spoke
    in the local music store doesn't know that much.

    Thanks in advance.
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