Direct Monitoring and Cuemix

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by br0d, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. br0d

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    Ok, so I have a cuemix issue.

    People say that cuemix should not be used if the application itself is capable of direct monitoring (which VST is,) but I do not see how you can take advantage of the input boosts available in cuemix if you route around it, or how you can use the direct monitoring available in cubase.

    In addition, I have noticed that, in Cubase, the latency with the direct monitor check box unchecked in seems to be *greater* as compared to when the button is checked. When this box is checked, audio is being routed around VST, directly to the outs of the 2408, correct?

    Help me out here, I still don't understand the interplay of these counterintuitive audio routing architectures, even though I've been using the 2408 for over a year now. :D

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