Disabling the windows built-in writing program.

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Arranger, Jan 23, 2003.

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    Feb 2, 2002
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    Over at http://www.cdrinfo.com/forum/default.asp it seems that disabling the windows built-in burning program is a common tweak. This is new to me (like so much else.)

    Does anyone else routinely disable the built in writing system as part of their basic configuration?

    Is there any reason not to if you are satisfied with your burner and burn software?

    Thanks for the reply.

    Oh, here's the link for the how to:
  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    Yeah...simply disable the IMAP CD burning service...simple as that...it's one of my tweaks anyways...I like Nero personally...the built in CD burning program in XP truly sucks to be honest...it's simplistic yet dangerous enough to m ake quite a few coasters...plus you don't have options of changing the type..ie Joliet vs ISO9660 formats...plus you can't create an image or you can't do extra sessions for audio and so forth...
    not my cup o tea so to speak!

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