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Dissertation questionnaire analogue vs digital

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Ungeeignet, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Well-Known Member

    Nov 25, 2012
    Akron/Cleveland, OH
    Home Page:
    @paulears , @vibrations1951 ...

    Forgetting for a moment that this thread is now a year old - and that the OP wasn't Namaste ( @vibrations1951 ), he was just adding on a few questions...
    For the moment, I'll go ahead and play along for the sake of any potential future "surveys" that may appear here on RO.

    I have nothing against surveys; they can be a very useful tool for learning and advancement of many different fields of study - and as long as they are well-written, unbiased, open-ended, and with all questions pertinent to the subject - I'm happy to partake.

    Unfortunately, what I find most of the time is the "closed survey" that Paul mentioned ( @paulears ). I've found many recording "surveys" to be skewed, with these closed questions that do nothing to further the field of audio, but to instead further someone's agenda. So often they are biased; on a few I've read, it seemed as though they were nothing more than someone seeking confirmation as to if what they've purchased is good (or not), but mostly skewed towards "tell me this is good"...

    I don't see that too much here, but it is still a very limited - and close-ended - type of questionnaire.
    For example, the title of the questionnaire is "Can Digital and Analog Recording coexist?"
    "Coexist"... as in functioning together.
    Yet, the very first question is:
    Right there, in the very first question, we're being asked to choose between one and the other. This isn't 'coexisting".

    Here's another question that I couldn't help but roll my eyes at : "Is storage a factor to be considered?" Well, first of all, it's a silly question, because of course it is. You need to find out how much storage you'll need, depending on things like SR's/BR's, how many projects you plan on archiving, how many on-going projects you'll have on one HDD, etc. This question also further skews the survey, leading the reader towards digital, because Analog recording doesn't require "storage"... unless we're talking about how many minutes are available on a reel of tape, and thus, how many songs you can record on that reel. But I don't think this is what is being asked here. It's clearly a bias towards digital.
    ( FWIW, a 2500' reel of tape, moving @15ips, would hold between 32 -34 minutes of recording time. It wasn't always exact, because sometimes you'd get a reel that was a bit shy, like 2490', or maybe a bit over 2500'.)

    "Front End" - this is a term that is relatively new, Paul...which has become part of the vernacular since "hybrid" recording became a thing. No one talked about, or referred to a "front end" - or used the term "front load" - until it became popular to mix analog with digital gear.

    I'll explain it for those who don't know why: Because back when analog ruled the studio roost, the "front end" of most any recording studio was all based around the mixing console, and while the various consoles that were popular and used all had certain "character" to them ( some very noticeable and others more subtle) it was still mostly a process of mic>console>tape machine for tracking, and tape machine>console>tape machine for mixing. While I'm sure there were some engineers who would "print" the signal through certain analog processing before the mic (or DI) signal hit the console inputs, most of the time, processing was inserted into the console, on either the track level, or, on buses.
    So there was no "front end" per se' to even really talk about. The console itself was the front end. Actually, it was the centerpiece.

    Here's another one that made me shake my head. Define "immediate"... like this week? Next week? Next month? Next year?
    Things have been moving "fast", with modeling technology ( amps, drums, keyboards, mics, preamps, processors, VSTi's, etc.) but ...then we need to define "fast".
    So, this is another vague question. And are we talking about on the pro level? Or on the home studio level?

    Perhaps a better way to have presented this would have been, "What do you foresee happening in pro studios in the next 2 years?'
    Followed with, "What do you foresee happening in home studios over the next 2 years?"

    I'm not blaming the OP for the survey, unless he wrote it, and considering that he hasn't been back to RO in a year, it wouldn't matter anyway...
    More likely it was the instructor(s) who wrote this, and at that point, I think I'd have some serious doubts about them as instructors.

  2. Chris Perra

    Chris Perra Active Member

    Jul 13, 2014
    Home Page:
    Questionnaire: Can Analogue and digital recording co-exist?
    "It does and it will

    1) What is your preferred medium for recording, analog tape or digital and why?
    "Digital. Analogue is too expensive and a pain in the ass."

    2) Do you feel there is still a cold vs warm debate in terms of actual recording medium and front end and processing equipment given digital recordings progress?
    "I think the cold vs warm debate had more to do with cheap preamps attached to digital interfaces.. Use high end gear on the front end and you don't have that issue"

    3) Is cost an issue to be debated when considering the recording medium and front end and processing equipment?
    "Debated?.. Do you mean that is it an issue/concern for me cost wise... Yes."

    4) Is storage a factor to be considered?

    5) Which release media do you feel are preferred and why?
    "Wave... Cause it's compatible everywhere and it works."

    6) What is the immediate future of the recording industry?
    Everything stays the same unless some big changes happen regarding piracy.
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