distortion issues involving isa 430mk 2

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  1. im workin with this singer who singers very loud. there are many dynamic changes in his songs. i use the pre (focusrite isa 430) just for compression because his voice needs no preamp at all supprisingly. the problem is i can not seem to find a setting for his vocals. when he hits the loud notes it distorts and since he goes from loud to soft there is that pumping dropping out sound. i would appreciate any tips or advice. this project im recording is for a record label as well...a lot is riding on this. my setting are as follows:

    blue baby bottle mic
    2:1 ratio
    .1 release
    50 ms attack
    -8 threshold
    soft knee
    and the mix ( peak and compress) is set at 1:1

    ...im running pro tools le by the way.

  2. moonbaby

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    Feb 23, 2005
    Hi guy:
    You're new here to this forum, but try to stick to the posted topic. You already posted this same question on the "Recording Studio" section...
    BTW, what do you mean that you have "no preamp" for the mic, anyway?
  3. hueseph

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    Oct 31, 2005
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    Maybe try a "brick wall" limiter? Try and get your vocalist to practice backing off when he gets loud and coming in close for the quieter passages.

    Just suggestions. I don't know if that helps at all but it's worth a shot.
  4. Thank you guys for the responses. I have him work the mic...the only problem is there is a loss of presence when he has to stand further away. Making for awkward sounding takes. I turned the input all the way down so that his normal singer comes in at -20. But then he will quickly jump to belting out lyrics sending the vu close to red lineing, if not sometimes spiking, shooting it all around back and forth. I'm really not sure what to do. He says he has never had a problem before...and I've heard his previous stuff and it sounds good. I'm leaning towards the I have no idea what I'm doing side....again, any ideas will be helpful.
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