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  1. nattydread

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    can anyone tell me if the dm-24 works in protools with the hui emulation mode and the optional firewire card? If noT what is the next best way to get my dm-24 into protools? I have a digi002 as well i just need to figure out the best way to get this setup thanks!
  2. doulos21

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    May 26, 2003
    the hui works well with protools, but the firewire card is only 48k so i never used it i would steer away from it if you have the 002 already. Now you will not be able to use the firewire card into protools you will have to use the 002 the hui is only a controler and its easy to set up comes with a 2 page manual to do it if you need to know how to do it in detail ill get my manual and tell you step by step id run the setup this way adat out of dm24 to adat in of the 002 id clock off the dm24 if if you need more run 8 direct outs to the 8 analog ins of the 002 but there you will be stuck with the 002 conversion quality which the dm24 i think sounds better
  3. nattydread

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    ya but the dm-24 dosent have analog outs so im going to have to get the extra analog out card before i can run the full 16 inputs. thanks for the reply!

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