Do I even need outboard compressors?

Discussion in 'Compressors / Limiters (analog)' started by markrpaulson, Feb 26, 2001.

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  1. markrpaulson

    markrpaulson Guest

    now, let me explain. i have a small little get-up that my friends and i make our music with- all tracking goes through my mics through either an ART prochannel or a p.o.s. alesis studio 32 into a MOTU 1296 (which sounds infinitely better than my original 2408, i have found). We usually track only one or two tracks at a time, save drums (2-8) . i'm on the verge of deciding between a couple john hardy's or the two channel buzz- just waiting for the 3D mic pre showdown thingy cd so i can root the decision in something other than heresay- so that's taken care of, and i like my mics. we do all the mixing in digital performer, and usually burn directly from a bounced file. so my question is. . . with no switch to analog in the near future (i _might_ mix down to my tascam 2-track, but doubtful), would dropping a considerable amount of $ on a stereo pair of distressors (or something comparable) for tracking behoove me, or should i just opt for something like bomb factory wares (i'm currently using waves) and save my money for something else? will compressing before the hard disk do things for me that i can't already get after the fact (btw-the 1296 has surprising headroom)? with the 2400 i don't spend on the distressors i could pick up the r121 that i've been putting off getting and a stereo pair of microtech gefells i've been drooling over- i don't know. i feel like an oaf asking questions like this as it is- at least i'm not asking what brand is best. i'm gonna go practice.
  2. thedmc

    thedmc Guest

    hi paul,just wanted to let you know that the distressors don't work all that well in stereo fact fletcher has gone into detail about this before so you might want to ask him for more details. on the other hand i bought a distressor about a year ago and i think it's the bees knees. i mostly
    use it on the "opto" setting which is supposedly similiat to an la2a and if so i can see why people like those so much.honestly if this will be your first compressor i would get a couple of
    RNC's.they're about 180.00 and they sound amazing for any price and a lot different than the distressor. if it was my money i would get the rnc's two channels of hardy's andthe royer. have you heard the royer demo cd it's awesome but unfortunately i don't quite have the money to get one yet. i have a otari 8 track setup that i use to record bands that i'm in or my friends are in
    and i have quickly aquired a gear also might want to look at the sytek preamps they somewhat cheaper then the hardy's and for your purposes would be a decent improvement over those art preamps.-daniel
  3. markrpaulson

    markrpaulson Guest

    Thanks for the feedback. The reason I wasn't considering the RNC is because it's the coloration options the distressor offers that make it attractive to me. Myplug-insare pretty awesome for just dynamic control. Maybe i should just run all my mics through a plexi instead.
  4. thedmc

    thedmc Guest

    the distressor has some coloration especially with the dist2 and 3 but it still remains subtle it's not like turning a boss pedal or anything.but there's always the nuke setting. :D you might want to get a good mix down deck if your looking for something thats missing from your digital setup.i've never recorded on digital so i'm not that familiarwith all that stuff.-daniel

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