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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tonefloater, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Tonefloater

    Tonefloater Guest

    Hi I have just put 4 songs on myspace. Here they are.

    In 2. there is 2 1 min tracks. Only samples of the E.P. 1. is my own work.

    Soundtracks is a track I made a year ago for a movie project between my friends. No mix and mastering and only the begining of the song..

    Blue Vein - Crappy sounding part of a electronic work.

    Departure..Atmospheric catharsis exorsism of me :D

    March Hole -- Simplest song in this site. Solo is cute. Ending is lovely :D

    By the way these are the most experimentalist songs by me. If these are liked I can put others. I am pretty sure you would like them more..But I want opinons on these..Thanks..

    Atay İlgün
  2. Tonefloater

    Tonefloater Guest

    The ones who checked it out , please leave comments. I feel sad when 12 people red and no reply. Or just say change the tracks.

    By the way March Hole has vocals in theory but not recorded yet.
  3. GeraldMorgan

    GeraldMorgan Guest

    I will reply, I can't judge your songs because I'm into hiphop/rap/rnb so good luck
  4. Tonefloater

    Tonefloater Guest

    Dude my idol's ( Mikael Akerfeldt ) first song he has ever written is called '' I hate Hip-hop''. So goddamn I hate R&B and hiphop. I listen pychedelic-progrock - deathmetal - jazz - trip hop - and nearly everything except you said above.

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