Do VST Instruments require actual MIDI Hardware?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by missionary32, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. missionary32

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    Hello Everyone!
    I am total newbee in digital mixing and will appreciate your patience with me. I was reading Nuendo2.0 and CubaseSX 1 manuals and they are not mentioning that actual hardware should be connected to VST host to utilize those VST's. Is there any chance to route the loop sample in to VST instrument for further manipulations within computer keyboard?

    And another question is that all promo literature for the Viurtual Guitarist and The Grand (Steinberg ) soft on all websites including Steinberg's own tell's that with their soft you should forget about guitarist and piano player. Question: Do you have to have the hardware pluged in in order to utilize that wonderful soft.
    Enlighten me please!
    Or at least guide me where I can get this info.
  2. dark_catt

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    most newer programs generally have a piano roll ( like a drum map for virtual piano or vst insturments). However I would strongly urge you to get a midi piano even the radio shack variety. I think it is vitall to maintain at least that amount of control.

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