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    Do you actually have to yell into da mic to make it sound as somebody is yelling on the track? cuz i use Rode nt 1000 and dont think that its going to handle some yelling if u know what i mean,Is there a way to get it done with an effekt? :)
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    Yell as in "a loud vocal passage"? I guess you have to yell to make it sound like yelling. I can't think of an effect that would accomplish that.

    Sure you can add some grit to the sound with a slightly clipping tube or a distortion unit, but that's about it. You'd still have to yell, though.

    What would prevent overloading the mic is having some distance between the yeller and the mic. Also have a close look on the meter/peak led and tweak the gain accordingly.
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    You still have to yell. The tone color of a yell is different than regular conversation, and also different from a whisper, even if the second two are boosted in volume to give the same apparent loudness as the yell.
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    The hardest thing is getting good levels while recording yelling especially if you are going from a normal voice to a full scream or yell. Most trained vocalists will just move back away from the mic as they do this and that helps with smoothing out a recording level. As far as the idea of can the mic "take it?" That mic has a dynamic range to 134 db and a maximum of 140 db (jet engine at 100') also the point most people experience true pain. Here is a chart of equivalent db levels
    So if you are a foot away yelling is unlikely to damage the mic just use a pop filter to keep your breath away from the diaphragm.
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    Thanks!! this info was really really helpful :D
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    Pad on on the microphone. Pad on on the preamp. Gain down, Limiter on. As Simple As 1-2-3.

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