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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by bart, Feb 5, 2005.

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  1. bart

    bart Guest


    Its my first post,but I read this forum regularly.Let me say hello to everyone:)
    I`m working on my band demo cd and I just finished playbacks.I`d like to hear Your opinion about mix before I`ll start vocals recording.

    Every opinion is welcome.Even this worst one:)
    There are some drops ,I have some troubles with lame encoder.

    here is a link.

  2. THeBLueROom

    THeBLueROom Member

    Jan 15, 2005
    I really like the vibe of the song, cool riffs at the beginning.

    I think the drums need a little more clarity and snap, less thump on the kick and more punch. The choruses could use some layered guitars to add dynamics. The bass is great. Have fun! You have a great start
  3. bart

    bart Guest

    I have some troubles with kick sound.We were tested 3 mics and sound was not good enough .We have had only one drum set so I decided to record this bass drum with shure beta but track has very dull and ugly midrange.I used eq to cut mids and leave lows and attack.
    The second problem was that we have had no more inputs to record two tracks with room mics.Now I have mono room and stereo overheads.
    I like room sound very much but when I mute this ,there are better drums placement and definition but it sounds a little artificial for me.So I decided to choose more natural sound even if drums placement is not the best.
    I`ll try find more snap in snare:)
  4. Ralph

    Ralph Guest

    I think the bass could be heavier/louder relative to the guitars. This track reminds me of Queens of the Stone Age, but its a bit anemic due to the lack of low-end energy - if you listen to Queens mixes the bass guitar makes you want to jump up and down - which I think you need a little more of on this. Sounds great overall.
  5. Thomaster

    Thomaster Guest

    sounds great
    i like the song, cant wait to hear the vocals!
    i think the guitars could have a little more rough sound. maybe some overdrive? or maybe overdrive on the bass will help fatten the sound a little
    otherwise. great job
  6. bart

    bart Guest

    I`m glad You like the song...its most important.
    I`m waiting for finish levels until final mix,after recording vocals.
    I like bass sound we`ve done so I`d like to make it as loud as possible:)
    Guitars are not very heavy because we prefer alternative sound,not metal.Thats why guitars are a little noisy and unusual.
    I`ve recorded bass with fulltone and xxl distortion,there are a lot of overdrive.
    I have no idea how make this record more punchy and dynamic...I tried almost everything.Any ideas???
  7. littleprince

    littleprince Guest

    Other opinion

    Hi, I'm chief recording engineer in south of korea

    I think you need more power in your music.
    It's not only drums, but guitar and bass.
    I feel this is just tracked. May be this is rock kind of music.
    I think , it will be more good when bass has more deep and bottom.
    And guitar is.. how about little more grunge sound? like sum41 or Greenday.

    I think kick mic is not gonna be problem. even though I don't know what kind of mic you use.
    these are 3 kind of music that I had recorded and mastered.
    I had use only 7mics for drums and overhead is C1000S, tom and snare is sm57, kick is AKG D112 these are not high end mic. just basic.
    and drum is DW percific CX serise.
    I had uesed same mics and same room.
    Differance is only position of mic and EQ setting.

    Pop Funk (?)


    pinple or imo
    (in mixing)

    All of music is recording with no recording exprienced musicions.

    May be you will find sweet spot from your drum and room with your mic.

    P.S : If you mind, could you feed back about these music?
    I have more sample that I have to get feed back.
    You can see more sound sample in my studio's homepage

    And I had been in poland. - wrshava and osiviemchim(?)
    I did't remember what exactly name.

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