Do you use anything between source and monitors?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by bigdaddybluesman, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Yes that is a pathetic question.

    But I have to learn and this is the best place on the internet.

    Does anybody actually use any EQ compressor or any other processor between the source and your monitors?

    My question comes from the idea that as you play back a mix you can zero in on something you hear or have an idea for some type of change that can be done quickly without having to go back to the individual channels.

    Just another not me, using an EQ.

    Unless it colors the sound too much even when bypassed. I would also think some type of limiter would protect expensive monitors.

    Please educate, thank you......input...input....please.
  2. Kapt.Krunch

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    I think the main problem with that is duplicating the "fix" if you have to repatch or run a plug-in. And, it will be impossible to "fix" an individual element if the entire mix is going through. Might as well plug into that individual channel and fix it when you find it, or apply it to the entire mix, as the mix will end up.

    And, running through something, even bypassed, may color things. And since you want to hear exactly what's coming out of the mix to your speakers, plugging in something will lie to you.

    Seems like it would just add an extra level of uncertainty, and a whole lot more work, to me. But, that's just me.

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    You don't want ANYTHING between your monitor controller and the amplifiers and speakers you are using for listening. Things like compressors and equalizer belong IN FRONT OF the monitor controller and only when they are being used for MODIFYING the sound.

    Best of LUCK :D
  4. Thanks, as I suspected but didn't want to hear.

    What I think I'm going to do is get a second pair of speakers in time to have something to A/B the sound of my final mix.

    I have a pair of powered somewhat inexpensive Alesis which surprisingly sound very good. Very clean and flat.

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