Do you use EXS/EVP88 or similar instruments?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by pan, Aug 4, 2001.

  1. pan

    pan Guest

    And what are your experiences?

    The brand new world of software-samplers and synths - is it working for you?

    Did it change the way you work?

  2. WSpeckmann

    WSpeckmann Guest

    Hi Niko,

    I have (and use - sometimes):
    - EXS 24
    - B4
    - Pro-52
    - Absynth
    + some more ...
    Timing and sound: excellent !!!
    (I have a customer who sold all his 19" expanders/samplers and uses only the EXS for classic stuff/arrangements)
    But I still have/use all my 19" gadgets.
    My major problem: Too many sounds - that's no joke. In the good ol' days you had o n e decent piano, o n e convincing brass sound, o n e string sound - now it takes h o u r s to find the "right" one.
    Apart from that: depending on the computer I use, there might be problems with the dsp power - recorded audio tracks p l u s plug-ins p l u s instruments ...
    But nevertheless - i love my "softies"!

    Kind regards
    Walter :)
  3. pan

    pan Guest

    Hey Walter, looks like we're two of the few guys at this forum, that really USE logic, I really love my Pro 5 :) But I really miss a mini USB (MIDI/music)keyboard to get "hands on" for the road. Anyone seen something like this this?

    tschüß, Niko
  4. WSpeckmann

    WSpeckmann Guest

    Hi Niko,

    looks like we're the the only guys in this forum!

    Anybody out there ???

    Kind regards
    Walter :D
  5. mattginty

    mattginty Guest

    I'll join the bandwagon :)

    hello to you both. I use logic and i do use the EVP88 but I am yet to get a midi keyboard, so the stuff I do with the softsynth is very below par. I just cant seem to get any "feel" when im not actually on a piano... plus, i'm a guitarist, bassist and drummer - not a pianist :)

    I use logic for recording live instruments and vocals, however i tend to use drum loops and samples more then live drums these days. I also have the EXS24 sampler but am yet to use it. At the moment all my samples are just placed straight onto the arrange page without bothering with midi... it all seems to work well even tho countless people urge me to actually use the sampler that i bought... eh, watcha gonna do - I fear change :)

    Anyways, just thought I'd add myself to this fine forum of 2 and drop you guys a line.

    ps: do you use the logic forum at
    its the best forum on logic i've come across.. not to burst the bubble of this forum, but just to let you know that there are 000's of logic users on forums.. just a shame we cant all be centralised on one.
  6. seclusion

    seclusion Guest

    Ya another Logic guy..
    Soft syth I'm sorry has to goto Gigastudio..
    I now run it on it's own system... Howly $*^t batman..
    Time to go invest in an orchestra...
    I just can't believe the realizm..
    But definitly I'd hold on to the racks cause.... I got em..
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