dodgy sm57's?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by jimbo_baby84, Nov 4, 2005.

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    hey guys, i bought a couple of new sm57's from ebay, for a good (but realistic) price, and today the box came, and i was a little suprised to see the box was from china, whereas the ebay auction said it was from australia (where i am). on close inspection, the mics appear a little different from my other 57 i got a few months ago. these ones have worse build quality, the plastic tops not spinning around so smoothly, the wrap around stickers saying "shure sm57 dynamic lo z" aren't quite straight, and the insides have fairly obvious differences, one being that there is no quality control initials. from a quick vocal test i can't tell too much difference, but i'm not in a position right not to mic up anything else. does anyone know if counterfit sm57's are common?


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    You might want to read these two articles


    I think they answer your question.
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    thanks tom! the guy said he'd be happy to refund the money if i sent the mics back, after which i'm sure he won't refund me a cent, but ebay should have me covered....i hope, otherwise it's a cheap lesson not to trust ebay. better i find out on a pair of 57s not a pair of c12s!
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    I am in NO WAY advocating the purchase, sale or otherwise transaction of "fake products" but for kicks and grins, since he has your money, why don't you try them out! If you paid around 1/2 or better off, you may have something useable or you may have pure junk. I once got "stiffed" on a purchase for some automotive parts where I wanted the "real thing" and since this was not a structually signifficant part but it did serve a function, I ended up keeping it and it worked well until the car was sold..but..remember, I think it is bad business and simply a ripoff to offer something AS the real deal and it not be. I just want to be clear that this type of "stealing" should be irradicated.

    Sorry you got stiffed..but as the saying goes, let the buyer beware.

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