Does anyone know everything about MiniDisc recorders?

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by sj022698, Jan 25, 2006.

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    I have the RH910 Hi-MD recorder. I go to a certain concert each year and one of the band members just hooks his md up to the soundboard with a "Y" cable and then gives me the disc.
    In the past, I was not able to transfer it because I didn't have the recorder it was done on. I would prefer to use his again because I just got mine and I don't want to mess up my first recording on this show. If we record it on his (and I don't know his model but it is an older one-not Hi-MD)and he gives me the disc, will I be able to transfer it digitally or will I have to mess with analog again?

    If it's analog, any suggestions on the settings I should use for recording in a small loud place off the soundboard? Should I just use the automatic settings?

    I appreciate your help!
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    sj022698, This sounds like a typical RTFM case. You have something on the agenda, little time to experiment and no room for failure.

    If this thing connects with USB you should be able to "throw" all files on your computer and work with it from there. Hook it up and see what it does.

    I used to make recordings of my band with a Pioneer MD recorder (full size hifi thing) and I inserted an Alesis 3630 to deal with the peaks. Later on I picked up the spdif from my 01v96 without the 3630. I could transfer everything to my PC digitally. I used an Edirol UA-D1 for that. If the USB interface is already on your MD player, record something stupid (from a similar source as the board) and try to bounce some files to your computer. You will however want to use a format that your PC can read. I am not sure if ATRAC(3) is one of them.

    I'd prefer a signal out of the board. If you got good results with it in the past, just stick to it. Since it will be registered digitally do not worry too much about the level being too low. . You can always normalize after transfer. I can't comment on any settings, since I don't know your MD player.
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    Cfaalm is right!

    Using a HiMD minidisc poses no threat you being unable to work on your mixes later on!
    I woudl also recommend insertign a compressor at least for the big peaks.
    I am not sure what connection did you have in mind between the mixer and you HiMD?
    I guess for really be talkin gdigital you woudl need a desk with spdif out?

    If you are using normal RCA stereo cable you are bound to stay in the analog domain!

    I have done that with a rackmountable sony 510 or something like that!

    Liek Cfaalm said, you should watch out for the level not being to high but if it is a bit low, you can always normalize!

    Using analog MD is not a bad thing, specially if you do not have a better solution!
    About the compression of the data itself. Using a Lp2 or Lp4 mode the minidisc uses Atrac compression!
    For a normal stereo recording mode you are ok!
    but the only way to get it out is basicly redording it back to the DAW. You lose some information there!

    And also beware that using a normal MD gives you 74 miutes of recording time in stero mode!

    I presume recodring the concert on a laptop is not an option?

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