Does anyone know how to hook up an LA3?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by sach16, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. sach16

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    Hi guys, thanks to the advice from people on this site I got an LA3.
    But, I've tried and tried and tried, but can't get it connected right. Does anyone know how to connect this beast up in a bit of detail?
    It has open connections, like much hi fi equipment, so I've cut my leads...

    Here is the info:

    1st lead from micpre into la3 (xlr to jack lead cut), which has 1 red wire, 1 white wire and a bunch of open wires around that

    2nd lead from la3 (jack to jack cut) into recording system, 1 blue wire and one black wire.

    there are 6 screw connectors at the back of the la3 are labelled from top to bottom:





    Can anyone describe which wires go where? I've tried loads of
    combinations, - I'm obviously missing something.


  2. tomtom

    tomtom Guest

    Hello Sach,

    I have a 1176, so I think I see what you're talking about...

    Personnally, I would use the strips on the back and make myself one lead with a male xlr connector and another one with a female connector.
    This would make interconnection with other equipment easyer.
    Make sure you solder the hot lead to pin 2, cold to 3 and earth to 1 (on the XLRs)
    On the LA3, attach the open leads accordingly.

    hot would go on +/-, cold on com and earth to chassis. Make sure the lead with the male XLR goes to out and the one with the female XLR goes to in.

    Stereo is for interconnecting two la3 together, but you problably need a separate stereo adapter for that (assuming it works like a 1176)

    That's how I wired mine and it works....
    I hope it helps...

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