does anyone knows what system can make beats........

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Mike916, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Mike916

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    does anyone knows what system (for a example korg keyboard) can produce hot and new beats that is use for r&b songs right now.......
  2. MadTiger3000

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    Nov 16, 2004

    "A Korg Triton is not bad, but a Triton with Talent is even better."

    People are using all kinds of sample CDs and sound modules. You can make fire with all kinds of setups.
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    Sorry, this is the wrong forum for this question. Please try your quesiton again in the "Sound and Rythmn" Forum, or the Drum forum, or DAW, etc.

    This is Pro Audio Gear; maybe someone can move this thread over to Sound and Rythmn?
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    OK dude...

    Beats can be made with anything. Old synths, New synths, Digital synths, Analog synths. Hell, they can be made with Real drums, Sampled drums, Drum Machines, Drum loop CDs. Lot's are made from samples from Funk records, Jazz records, R&B records and even Rock records. What I'm getting at here is that there isn't one machine that makes HOT NEW BEATS. It's the people making the beats that makes them HOT and NEW. The Korg Triton and the Yamaha Motif are the popular workstations right now, and they are being used a lot.
    But most people use an AKAI MPC for their beat construction. Go check one out.
  5. Terr-orForm

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    I agree, this thread should be moved. But, since it is here, I will reply:

    I have both the Triton Studio and Triton Extreme.

    Triton Studio is the most powerful of the two provided it is loaded with all the extra cards and MOSS option. It can record at 96khz and has a hard drive built into it.

    The Triton Extreme is the most powerful out of the box, can take the MOSS option (already has the best cards from the Triton Studio built in) but only records at 48khz. It takes CF cards instead of a hard drive, can connect by usb to a computer (the Triton Studio can't) and unlike the Studio, doesn't come with a CD recorder (you can use usb for this too).

    I use the Extreme to make beats all the time. What's cool about Korg and especially the Tritons is how real sounding the drums are. You can make any kind of electronic drum you want but the analog sounds are to die for. This is important for R&B and Rap styles (I write heavy industrial but it's important for me to have both analog and electronic sounds - I prefer analog). Those heavy kick drones and tight snares are blissful coming out of a Triton and, as was mentioned earlier - if you know what your doing - you can kill an audience with pure beat ecstasy!!!!!!!!!!

    Yamaha is good but they are better for lead sounds as Roland is best for Pad sounds (my opinion, of course). Most people - even die hard Yamaha and Roland fans - would agree that Korg dominates the killer drum sounds!!

    You will also find ease of use with arpegiators and constructing your own beats from scratch. With both the TS and the TE, you will find the Left and Right output along with 4 individual outs. This is important if you want to "indivigually mic" your kick and snare drums. Put the kick in Individual output 1 and the snare into Individual output 2, plug output 1 and 2 into seperate channels of your mixer on stage and instant low heart stopping beer shaking kick drum thuds and high snappy move your hips snare!!!

    In any case, go to a music store and check it out. Don't let the saleman try to sell you a Yamaha or Kurzweil unless you like the sound and WANT to buy it. Let your ears be your salesman!!

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