does better software produce better results?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by jcnoernberg, May 11, 2004.

  1. jcnoernberg

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    heres a quick one...

    besides the engineering aspect, does a better software title give you better results, as far as the recordings themselves are concerned? I've been using n-track for recording and its got cheap written all over it, but people seem to like it. i them dump the tracks into the multitrack of cool edit pro 2, cuz im so used to it and i like it. what will i gain by spending 250 to get a copy of sonar? is it really worth it? everyone swears by it...
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    Alot of folks here will agree that most DAW software packages are very similar in recorded results, as long as you have a great front end (mics, pres, comps, limiters, A/D converters) and the software records at resolutions on par with the industry. When you've done all you can to make the signal it's best when it goes in, it should all be a matter of the interface and tools you like the most.
    Hope that helps.........
  3. svart

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    Jan 30, 2004
    I use n-track(old version) and I've actually like it very much. fairly limited in it's plugins but the tracking seems just as clean as anything else i have used. I have not used sonar though. I was thinking of comparing sonar and cubase.. any thoughts?
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    The software itself has very little to do with the sound quality. Now I have seen people argue that Brand X sounds better than Brand Y. This may or may not be true. What I do know is that if there are actually any differences in sound quality, they are minimal. The main reason people choose one software package over the other would be features. You are also going to notice difference in sound quality when using the plugins that may be a part of a particular application. For example, one application's Reverb Plugin may sound way better than another application's, but if you are using third party reverb, then it doesn't matter.

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