Does PCIe interfere w/ VST or Mbox(usb) ? HP Z5xxx?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by metalflakk, Mar 22, 2005.

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    I'm very confused now since I decided to go for PC (vs Mac) for DAW work I don't understand what the problem is regarding PCIe. I gather it is a bandwidth issue, but is USB also affected (Mbox, ect.)? :shock: Also, are the reports true that HP AMD64 laptops feature video+firewire+pci all on the same bus (so same problem)? I am looking to use the machine almost exclusively for VST (Reaktor, Absynth)+MIDI work in Live 4 which I would output to PA or secondary DAW.

    For this does PCIe/bus-speed even matter?

    I would go for a Dell 9300 for its Dorthan(1.7)/gpu which I have heard the L2 cache really shines with, or an HP zv5000z w/ AMD64-3700. I have read the posting by the Alienware owner though and am a bit weary, advice would be truly appreciated!! :?
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    All I can say is that I passed on th dual g5 2.0 because of the PCIx and went with a dual 1.8 for the PCI.

    I willl run UAD and UAD said that you will have to set your UAD card CPU limit to 84% to make sure it runs happily, but on the standard PCI slots you can crank it to 98%.

    I went for stability over quantity and speed.

    Basically, from what I hear - there is not much support for these faster PCI slots which hampers the power of standard PCI cards pnce they are placed into the PCIx.

    Wish I can help you out more.

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    we do know of a problem running the MBOX with 915P PCIE systems. We have tested with Intel, Gigabyte, Asus and DFI boards. The problem is the same on all three boards. Audio skips and makes a loud noise intermitently.

    Digidesign just qualified the 925XE (also PCIE) chipset for the MBOX. We have not testted it yet.

    My Best.

    Guy Cefalu

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