does software really make a difference

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Caisson, Apr 12, 2005.

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    Im not sure if any of you have heard about Magix studio deluxe or the who Magix line up, but im shure you've heard of Sonar 3...
    anyway I was wondering if anyone could tell me how is it, that when I record on Sonar 3 the recording sounds better than when I record on Magix???????????? I always that softwares really didn't matter.....note these recordings are dry, no plugins or effects added.

    light shedded would be appreciated.....because im at a crossroad....I know Magix pretty much inside and out and it was like $70....but I also have other software like sonar 3 producer edition that was like $500. If Sonar would really help me out in the long run then I want to really spend time working on it. If software isnt really going to make a difference then I will stick with the Magix...My biggest question is why is Protools like a $1000 or Sonar like $500 , and Magix like $70 if they all pretty much do the same thing?????????????????
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    Dec 31, 2003
    Magix is comparable to Cakewalk Home Studio. They also make Samplitude, which competes with Sonar, PT and others. In a nutshell, the difference is the audio engine embedded in the software. All the high end programs have at least 32 floating bit processing, capable of way more dynamic range and fidelity. I'm running Sonar 3 PE, it's definitely worth spending the time and learning to use it. Hey, your ears are already telling you that!
  3. Caisson

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    Hey thanx for the info....I was hoping that someone could give me more info on this topic. I would have expected this thread to be full, especially with all the experts on here. Could anyone else shed a little explaination on this????????????
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    my experience with software is:


    i use computer based recording since about 10 years, but started off 'old skool with revox tapes' i had the possibility to compare many systems in various studios, PT, DP, LOGIC, CUBASE, SAMPLITUDE, AUDION, ETC...

    the way the sound engine is programmed makes a big, really big difference, just like in virtuell plugs, some are absolut rubish and some are awsome!! (just like hardware ad / da converters)

    so don't be surprised to come across software products that are simply sounding crap...

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