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    hello im new at the whole recording deal im using mixcraft 4. say i was going to take a song by led zeplin and i wanted to take their song use another person say myself to sing the vocals and leave the rest to the big guys.....(im just using that as and example not about to ruin a great bands songs plus copyright). how would i take the existing vocals out. the reason i ask my friends band wants to do a remix of one of there songs and im having trouble figuring out how to go about keeping the music and takie away the existing vocals. anyone with some advice thanks guys......
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    You could simply buy the karaoke version as this is what you are really doing.
    Google removing vocals with mixcraft.
    Here is an article on the process, it is fairly simple but the results are certainly less than audiophile.
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    In real life labels select remix artist, and send them the multitrack files.
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