Double Kick Balance consistency with different patterns in song

Discussion in 'Drums' started by kmetal, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Hey everyone,
    I'm still at the editing phase of a hardcore/metal style e.p. So i'm not mixing it yet, just working w/ the raw tracks.
    Throughout the song(s) the drummer does different patterns on the kick, which vary from a single kick per measure, to gallop, to straight 16th's. Typical fare for the style.
    On the recording, the single notes are LOUD and CLEAR, the gallops are medium, and the 16th's are inconsistent, as far as velocity.
    Using- digital performer and a mackie d8b. We have drumagogg, but i don't know it yet, and would prefer to not use it, because our 'sounds' are generally fine for the project. I will learn to use it, perhaps for the snare sound, but kick consistency is my prob.
    My question: Should i just simply ride the faders on the kick?
    There will be some fairly heavy/transparent compression +eq, on the kick tracks (beta 91 in, d112 out). when mix time comes, it is not enough to level it out to my liking, upon (quick) trials. I'd venture to say there's a 14db difference, during the performance. My concern with riding the faders is that i will not keep the foundation consistent enough for the genre's sudden pattern changes (lack of my skill?). I can make some volume envelopes in the computer as to keep things more consistent before they get to the faders. I just wonder what the common approach to this genre's kick consistency is. Any tips? Thanks!
    p.s i don't mind automation, i like it alot. Just wondering how kicks from bands like lamb of god, chaimara, dying fetus, metallica, death, ect, ect, get a reasonable kick level reguardless of pattern. thanks again!!!
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    You could use an extra sample or two if its lacking in power in the super fast sections. Aptrigga2 is awesome and super easy to use.
  3. Big K

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    Hmm, It would be a quite easy for ya, if you can automatically cut the BD track after every beat ( takes me about 10 secs, here) and find out if normalizing
    would do the job ( I have learned that with some DAW this feature is better not used, though). This would be fast and easy.
    Drumagog can do it as well and does it nicely...
    Do you have detect silence ( cuts out the signals below the value you dial in...)? Copy the track first and capture the loudest beats, maybe lower the volume to
    fit the rest and just move the events over the original track to replace them, or the other way round: process and tweak the softer beats and keep the original hard hits.
    You can do this with loud, medium and weak beats.. just whatever you want to do.. Several variations are possible with this tool.
    Doing it maunally by fader or automation seems an arkward and time-consuming job...
    For sound have a look at SPL's sound designer. It fixes the difference in attack if needed.
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