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Discussion in 'Mixing' started by lshawnb, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. lshawnb

    lshawnb Guest

    Kurt/Audiogaff/Davedog -

    You guys have been very helpful to a lot of people on the board, so I'll direct this question to you three specifically....

    I'm basically down to three models for a "final" preamp upgrade:

    API 3124+, JLM TMP8, or Daking Micpre IV

    I'd like for this upgrade to be my last for a little while - I've got a decent mic closet, got good converters, got a few good tube channels (UA 2-610) and would like a few extra preamp channels that I could use for drum tracking (primarily) as well as other applications (guitars - acoustic and cabinet miicing, etc.).

    I've rented an API 512 module to try it out, and I loved it. Really amazing sounding. Question is, is the "bang for the buck" of the JLM 8 pre box worth it? I would love to rent out a JLM but doesn't seem possible. I'm a big believer in try before I buy. ......but, alas.

    I've also read very good things about the Daking pre, but haven't tried it either.

    With the extra JLM channels, I could fully mike my kit. With the API or Daking pre, I'd need to use some of my other preamps (on board my Yamaha digital mixer....ewww) to fill out the kit - typically 11-12 mics used on a full kit.

    If pressed, I'd go for the API and make do, but I can't help thinking the JLM is a steal....I also don't want to have to upgrade again in the near future.

    Comments are appreciated...

  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    77 Sunset Lane.
    Any of the mention pres are of the highest quality IMO ... and API is "the sound of rock".

    I personally have not had the chance to hear the JLM, directly compared to the APIs but as far as my recollection can corelate them, I think the JLMs sound remarkably similar to the APIs. The topology of the two are nearly identical, they are both Class A, transformer balanced, discreet op amp designs. The new version of the JLM has added direct and line ins on the front panel and have built in "soft limiters" that are individually pre set at the factory for your DAW, depending on your soundcard or converters needs.

    I suggest you contact Joe Malone at JLM and ask about a return policy. It's possible he may be willing to allow for some sort of "comfort factor" for your purchase. All he can do is say no ...
  3. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Silicon Valley
    The Daking is remake of the old great Trident consoles of yester year. Real good but not the same as the API. The JLM may be close to being an API clone, but there ain't nothing like the real thing. You want API, buy the API. The API also has the long reputation of greatness that has a great client appeal and that has a high value that is not just about the direct hardware cost.
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    77 Sunset Lane.
    Perhaps sometime I can get my hands on a JLM TMP8 and an API pre at the same time. I am very curious how they would stack up side by side.

    Also if I do get another TMP 8, I have got to figure out a way to let you use it Audio Gaff ... I really think you would be surprised once you heard it.

    Perhaps sometime soon, I can come down to visit some friends in Fremont and bring a TMP8 and the Sebatron vmp 4000e and let you use them for a few tracking dates. I might even have a "Thorax" as well for you to check out.

  5. therecordingart

    therecordingart Well-Known Member


    You should come to Chicago with some of your gear....I'd be more than happy to give it a whirl! hahaha
  6. hurz

    hurz Guest

    No! Come to the countryof your ancestors (who gave you that great name!). Come to Germany.

    Oh - and please, bring some of that gear.

    No, wait - bring it all.

  7. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Pacific NW
    I gotta go with the API also...The JMP is nice though I only heard it breifly.A more hands on session oriented experience with it could change my mind and at the price point it seems to be a bargain.BUT for pure rock sounding drums,gits,bass,anything,the API is the hands down winner here.And I love the Daking stuff.Joan Osborne's Relish album has Daking all over it.And I hear the console is out of this world. If it were me ,I would go for the API in a lunchbox set up.This allows you to add as you go.There are a couple of configuations to choose from and the different mic pres have a bit different characteristics.A 312 sounds a bit different that a 512 and having the space for the EQ's.......yummmmmm.

    Its just me dreaming out loud...good really cant go wrong with any of it.
  8. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    77 Sunset Lane.
    Another cool thing about the 500-6B lunchbox is it is not just for mounting and poweing API preamp modules, you can also stuff the different eq and compressor modules in it. One Lunchbox can house 2 pres, 2 eq,s and 2 comps. This would be the ultimate stereo channel strip .... (I'll take 4 please).
  9. lshawnb

    lshawnb Guest

    API it is

    I've decided on API - hard to go wrong with a product of that pedigree. I'm still debating on a rack mount or a lunchbox - I'm intrigued by the ability to use different modules - I'd like to slip a couple of compressor modules in there.

    Is there a significant difference in sound between the 312 and the 512 pre? I know they're both class A discrete and both use the 2520 opamp, plus both have DI inputs. I guess in the end it's going to be a flexibility decision.


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