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    Hi there,

    Just wanted to know what order you follow to put 24b/96k audio in a CD.

    Resample before dithering? What´s the better way to the CDRW (like sony´s or Fostex)? Isit better the algorythm of software like Wavelab, etc.? May I D/A at 2496 and then A/D again at 1644.1, assuming i have good converters like Apogee´s or Focusrite´s (don´t know where i read that)?

    I haven´t found any topic with this issue..didn´t i search enough or am i at the wrong forum?? ;)

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    Good Question. I have gone into a Prism AD-2 96/24 and came out 44.1/16. This is one of the finest converters you can use. It sounds very good. You mentioned having access to good converters, If so I would try it anolog and digital. Listen to which one you like best.

    What is the reason you are converting it?

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