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    Hey everyone, since this is the budget forum, I figured I should ask a for an opinion on a budget multitracker.

    Does anyone have any thoughts, praises, complaints on Tascam's new DP-01fx?

    It appears to be a great deal, and I am considering buying it...I'd like some input from some of the pro's though.

    Altogether, I'm looking to spend about $1200 on the whole studio. That includes the multitracker/mixer, monitors, headphones, etc.
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    I know a guy who just got a DP01 and likes it...although I would think that the dp01fx would be a lot better with the mic pre's and phantom power.

    The deal about these units is that they do away with a lot of the complicated lcd screen interfaces and have more of a "one knob-one function" layout to them. The sound quality is supposed to be very good for the price range, and it can dump audio files to your computer very easily. If you are looking for an "all-in-one" unit that is efficient to use and is affordable, then it's a good choice.

    I'll list some potential cons also, depending on your situation/pref's:
    only does 16 bit, only 2 simulaneous inputs.

    There are several other "interface" options in that price range, but not that many "all-in-one" units that feature the same features and value. It's really going to depend on what you're looking for.

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