DP 4.5 w/ UAD and RME or Logic Pro w/ Mbox?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by fontane, Mar 13, 2005.

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    So I have read through hundreds of posts on this board as well as researched across the web for days on end (literally) and I have come to narrow down my new DAW system to the following systems.

    DP 4.5 / UAD1 / RME / 1GB
    Apple 20" Monitor $999
    APPLE G5 DUAL 1.8 1GB $2,295
    (2HD) Hitachi 7,200RPM 160GB $100.00
    Digital Performer 4.5 $499
    UAD1 Project $499
    RME PCI HDSP 9632 $599
    Radium 61 Key Controller $199
    TOTAL $5,190


    LOGIC PRO 7 / Mbox / PT LE / 1GB
    Apple 20" Monitor $999
    APPLE G5 DUAL 1.8 1GB $2,295
    (2HD) Hitachi 7,200RPM 160GB $100.00
    Logic Pro 7 $999
    PT Mbox Bundle $549
    Radium 61 Key Controller $199
    TOTAL $5,141

    I will be using this system to create pre-master ready commercial quality productions for house, dub, electro dance music songs. Some may very well be commissioned remixes where I will be given vocals or other arrangements to work with.

    Since I am new to the MAC platform (new as in haven't used it for my personal projects) I am looking for some feedback on the pros/cons of both systems. Which would run more stable, etc...

    I have heard the UAD card is not recognized by PT LE and I have also heard that UAD sounds better than the Bomb Factory with PT LE.

    I have also seen people produce billboard selling tracks with DP as well as Logic.

    So what is everyones opinion on DP 4.5 / UAD vs Logic Pro 7 / Mbox?

    Any thoughts, suggestions or any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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