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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by kid, Sep 2, 2001.

  1. kid

    kid Guest

    hat is the best way to set up a session using DP and be able to create a headphone mix and a talkback device?

    I was doing a session with DP3 yesterday. My system is as follows; G4dual450,Ultra wide barracuda drive MOTU1224, 320MB RAM. I was trying to track vocals so I set up my preamp to go directly into the 1224. Most of all the other tracks in the mix were already cut on ADATS and bounced over. So I was running about 24 tracks when the vocals were being done. I had a few plugins running and various tracks nothing to major. It wasn't taxing the system in the least bit. My plan was to use the sends in DP to output a signal to one of the analog outs and run this into my headphone amp. What I was getting was a major delay in the singers headphones. The cable run to the headphone amp is long I would say 40'. I tried adjusting the buffers in the hardware setup but this only slightly minimized the problem.

    My next dillema was how to communicate with the singer. For a talkback I set up a mic into MOTU as a pretend record track and when we were ready to record the singer I would take the mic out of record mode. This worked finebut obviously was rather annoying everytime to have to take a track in and out of record.

    I also have at my disposal as Mackie 24x8 and a Mackie 1402. I was using the 1402 as a way toadjust my volume in the control room. I did not want to use either board as a means to get a signal to record into MOTU as I have some nice preamps and would like to get a more direct path into MOTU. Also I still think I may have the same delay problem either way.

    Any suggestions? What do all you do with your setups, what do you use?
  2. chris lannon

    chris lannon Guest

    Yeah..it's the latency. If you want to do everything on the desktop you'll need the Moto Cuemix software (on the dp cd you already have) running alongside DP..works well but I'm not sure about talkback "features"
    I use my D8b for the conversion on input to Motu so I just monitor from the input while recording and avoid all that stuff. You could do it on your analog board but you would have to mult the output of your preamps to an analog in on the board (keeping your input to the 1224) and send a submix from dp to another 2 analog channels. Headphone situation would be provided by your mixer.

    BTW ..it seems to me that if you use Basics>Config Hardware Driver>Configure Audio System.."samples per buffer" to 128 or 68 you should be able to get that latency down below 18 ms..of course the audio craps out ..

  3. chris lannon

    chris lannon Guest


    "audio craps out"

    Just monitoring that is.. won't effect quality of the input or mess with the tracks you already have
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