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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by BT DP, May 2, 2001.

  1. BT DP

    BT DP Guest

    I am having major problems getting this machine stable,dual 533.I have had DP on 604e,g3's,and two other g4's over the years.What I am wondering is a dual monitor card (promax agp)ok to use with this machine,I have trashed preffs two dozen times,moved 324 card from slot to slot,and just about every other trouble shoot option I know of over and over.This machine will just lock up with either a black bomb message or DP will vanish and the desktop will be blank and locked solid.I have considered bad ram,bad drive I just don't know whats goin on.
    My system is:
    G4/dual 533
    512 mgb ram
    Motu 324 in slot 1
    Second drive (ata 100@7200 rpm)might be
    a problem in a ata 66 machine?
    After trashing the preffs it will be ok for maybe 2 tracks maybe 4,6,8 crash.....
    Any help would be great
    BT Finally a DP site
  2. BT DP

    BT DP Guest

    Hello anybody home,anyway I think I have it solved anyboby using a promax dual card has to set there resolution to 800 and thousands of colors or there will be trouble........
  3. natan666

    natan666 Guest

    hey, how is that dual 533 anyway? i am thinking about buying one in a month or three, along with DP 3.0 and some MOTU cards or nuendo MAC version when its out (= never)and a hammerfall.
  4. chris lannon

    chris lannon Guest

    >>Hello anybody home,anyway I think I have it solved anyboby using a promax dual card has to set there resolution to 800 and thousands of colors or there will be trouble........

    glad you worked it out..your question was way over my head..and cpu.. G4 single
  5. BT DP

    BT DP Guest

    Natan I am not sure and motu isn't really sure about these machines either,from the conversations I have had with them.I can tell you this I have been using DP for a relatively long while on a number of different macs and this has been the toughest to get stable.But with 3.0 around the corner and a few growing pains this should be a great daw.Just remember it is a place where your audio+midi is stored for working on and don't try and make it do more than it can(200 plugs,500edits,89 tracks ect ect...)and it should be the host based system we have been waiting for.
  6. natan666

    natan666 Guest

    im with you. the computer is just another (albeit a powerful) weapon in my audio arsenal.

    ive just set my sights on that dual 533 and im hoping DP3 will milk it for all its worth.

  7. Jon Best

    Jon Best Active Member

    Mar 18, 2001
    On some drives, there may be a jumper setting for different bus speeds- not sure, but worth checking.

    Originally posted by BT DP:

    Second drive (ata 100@7200 rpm)might be
    a problem in a ata 66 machine?
  8. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    Hey guys..your friendly Computing Moderator here...just perusing around a saw the issue at hand..you need to make sure you have the latest Apple CPU plug..you need version 2.7
    go here http://asu.info.apple.com/swupdates.nsf/artnum/n11895

    If you have any computer related issues feel free to stop on by the Computing forum!
  9. alun davies

    alun davies Guest

    I have the dual 533 and am having problems as well. Usaully this occurs with the pop down menus. I've queried the motu-mac forum for anyone who has a stable system. I'll let you people know if anything good comes up.
  10. erockerboy

    erockerboy Member

    Mar 16, 2001
    Alun-- let us know what you find out, wouldja? I need to build a pair of new DP rigs from the ground up, and don't know what the "best" new Mac is for that purpose. Been hearing flaky stuff about the dual 533's from several quarters...

    anyways, please post your findings.

  11. BT DP

    BT DP Guest

    Reduce disk cache to 4022
    512 meg ram
    Buffer 1024
    80000 ram setting to DP
    screen resolution 800 by
    6 Gig partitions on dedicated drive
    Motu midi interface only(a must on this machine)
    Base plus motu only exst(no oms)
    This config has been going 5 days maybe 300 plus tracks without a crash on dual 533 if ANY one of the above is touched capooee....
    Alun drop down menu thing is ram, either not enough in machine or not enough allocated to DP do you get error type 2 or 3 this is a motu memory error, if this dosn't help try trashing your DP preffs.
  12. cutflower

    cutflower Guest

    Originally posted by BT DP:
    Motu midi interface only(a must on this machine)

    Is that the USB or serial version? (which model)

  13. BT DP

    BT DP Guest

    This machine is usb.You can use a griffin serial port card but this would meen more device issues.When I said motu only I was addressing the no oms issue and this was only done by trial and error you may find a work around but the above config is still running stable.
  14. alun davies

    alun davies Guest

    Well, I'm still having problems. I've tried using 2.71, 2.72, Freemidi 1.44, 1.45 and combinations of all. Given Performer more memory. I have tons or ram(640). I have had problems with installing the system software as well. Something about morsels. I could have a buggy machine. There are people on the motu-mac forum who have the same machine and are really stable. Go figure. If I can't get it to be stable when 3.0 comes out, there will be serious depression.
  15. BT DP

    BT DP Guest

    I would reinstall your os but before you do take out any ram that was not factory installed then when you get it back up install only the latest versions of DP & Free midi get it to open up and close at this point add back in your ram one stick at a time and each time you add a ram stick open DP to see how it works I think you will find the culpret a bad ram stick.You also might want to format the HD with this morsel thing goin on if you have to do a low level format.
    Good Luck
  16. gidfiddler

    gidfiddler Guest

    hi everyone i'm a new member just thought i would bump this old topic as i am running a dual processor 533 with 1.1 gig or ram and am seriously considering purchase of dp3.X .
    is the 533 mhz a dud with dp or has the issues that the BT DP the origonal poster and others had been sorted out with the release of dp 3 .
    I would really like to know as the combination of dp 3 and a 828 looks pretty deadly but no ones hard to sort bugs in DAW .
    thanks any replies appreciatted .

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