DP3, Tascam US-428 and G4 533DP

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by mandla, Feb 2, 2002.

  1. mandla

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    Thought I would try you to get some advice. My system is very, very unstable w/DP3. I cannot open DP3 without it crashing and freezing my Mac. I have been rebooting it endlessly. Do I need to trash some prefs? Do I need to move something around? 1024 of Ram. Where should I look for the problem. I have been on the ph w/MOTU 5 straight days since I bought it last weekend. Any advice would be helpful. I am very envious of all of you who have been running DP3 seemlessly.
    I would like to say it was a good program but this is ridiculous.
  2. chris lannon

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    we'd like to help...but It's hard to tell what your situation is from your post.
    Be specific about your Mac model.. the OS your using..considerations with drives etc..
  3. Sean Holland

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    I run a G4/400, Tascam US428 and DP2.7. Mac OS 9.0.4, 960 RAM, so my situation is different from the poster's. (e.g. My system works fine.) But I've been following threads in various forums about DP3, just in case I should be moved to upgrade someday. The kinds of things I read:
    (1) Of course, keep your system simple. Bare bones. Don't have your recording stuff share a drive with internet stuff, games or any of that. I.e., reduce the chances for conflicts as much as you possibly can. Hard drives are not too expensive these days and any monkey can slap one into a G4: I did it! Have a dedicated hard drive for recording. Turn off ALL unnecessary extensions.
    (2) In the case of the US428, make sure you have the latest drivers. Go to the Tascam site and check the downloads page for drivers and info.
    (3) I get the impression there is some issue with disk cache size. Some people seem to have mitigated their freezing problem by going to the memory control panel and reducing disk cache size. This may be a case where the more RAM you have the worse it gets, since the default disk cache size is a percentage of your total RAM, and so folks with a gig or more of RAM have monstrous disk cache allocations.
    There are a lot of threads about this kind of problem at unicornation.com and at the Tascam BBS (although it does not seem to be a US428 issue, since people with other interfaces are suffering freezes too.)

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