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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Mark Keefer, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. Mark Keefer

    Mark Keefer Guest

    Anyone been on one of the DREAM systems yet? I talked to a Fairlight Rep today, and he said that they're much faster to edit on. True?

    They definitely look pretty cool on the Fairlight site. And I imagine that they ain't cheap!!

    Is the DREAM Satellite just a MFX 3.48 on steroids, or is it another animal altogether?
  2. Henchman

    Henchman Active Member

    Oct 22, 2001
    If I am correct, a Dream satelite is like a baby Dream console. You can do full 5.1 and 7.1 mixes on it with eq and dynamics o each channel. As well as 56 inputs. so you can have FX returns.

  3. Henchman

    Henchman Active Member

    Oct 22, 2001
    Sorry, the above is the dream station.
  4. Mark Keefer

    Mark Keefer Guest

    Thanks Mark.

    "Is the DREAM Satellite just a MFX 3.48 on steroids, or is it another animal altogether?"

    Anyone know?
  5. stedel

    stedel Guest

    The Dream Systems have more functions for people working with video. But still provide an DAW environment that Rocks.(They'd better!) Their "mid" product between the Satellite and the Dream Console (- The Dream Station -) features an automated mixing system, as well as the editing and recording features of the MFX Audio systems The Satellite and the Dream Station interface with the high end Dream Console.

    Dream Series audio share's features and an OS with current MFX systems, which (apparently) are a high quality DAW, platform. A really good quality one.But without extensive MIDI capability (which does not worry me).They have varied and extremely flexible I/O's analog, digital, or a combination of both. Configured to your own specific needs.

    Both the MFX3.48 and MFX3plus are compatible with the Dream series range.

    In my case, the Video functions are something I would make use of, so I'm more interested in the Dream Series. The MFX is more of an Audio only platform, without the extended set of functions that people working in high quality Audio AND Video pre and post production (including location recording) need.

    I'm really interested in the Dream Series myself. I'm probably going to buy one as soon as I can. I'm taking donations, making suggestions, and working hard, so that happens sooner, rather than later.
    I think they look very cool. And the Merlin even gives you the option of different colours for the contoller. Including purple. Which is good. Cos Purple Sounds Better.

    So,what do you think? Was this information new to you, or did you know it already?

    Do you, like me also, need more information?
  6. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Actually...they were a lot cheaper than I thought.
    Have you checked this aspect, the price, and compared on a feature by feature basis with other DAW's Mark?
  7. Mark Keefer

    Mark Keefer Guest

    Hey Stedel. Thanks for the reply.

    I am a (don't throw anything) devoted PT Mix Plus w/ AV Option owner. It has been really stable for me and I find that most of my clients (I'm a sound designer) ask for it.

    But, I have run across a couple of places out here that are Fairlight houses and I could've had work from them if I knew the system. I've gone down to the guild and done some training, but I learn SO much better when I'm on a job and am forced to figure the thing out instead of random flipping through the manual and trying out different functions, ya know?

    Anyway, too much information, I have heard (from some PT users as well) that the sound quality of the Fairlight is superior. I've had mixed reviews on the editing power in comparison. But sound IS almost everything. So that's how I got here with the interest I have.

    The rep from Fairlight called me and I never did get a straight answer from him on the prices of the systems, so I have no idea what the ballpark is. I'm not necessarily ready to defect to Fairlight -- I'm in the PT cult deep - and a willing member for the most part. But I've found it unwise to bury my head in the sand sometimes and assume that I'm "where it's at". So, can Fairlight take PT (for my uses) to task? I realize that is an extremely volatile and subjective question.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. ;)

    I would also like to get more $$ info on the different rigs, and maybe see what is the comparable rig to mine.

  8. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Hi there Mark. I like your attitude here. Similar to my own...no wait...don't go!!!

    "But sound IS almost everything. So that's how I got here with the interest I have."

    Stedel - Me too.

    "I have heard (from some PT users as well) that the sound quality of the Fairlight is superior."

    Stedel - Cool, tell me more....

    "The rep from Fairlight called me and I never did get a straight answer from him on the prices of the systems, so I have no idea what the ballpark is."

    Stedel - yeah I had a similar problem.Annoying isn't it? I needed costing in what laughably passes for the Australian Dollar. Rick Hammang got me the information after I posted on this - and in Australian Dollars. have you tried Fairlights site? FAIRLIGHT'S SITE

    It is there, but it's buried in a light coloured font with an underscore. Maybe if you still have problems, you could PM Rick. Tell him I sent you,
    then he'll curse me, not you, and then help you out
    (won't you Rick?).

    (Dead Link Removed)

    "I'm not necessarily ready to defect to Fairlight -- I'm in the PT cult deep - and a willing member for the most part."

    Stedel - yeah. you've got to watch those cults y'know...

    "But I've found it unwise to bury my head in the sand sometimes and assume that I'm "where it's at".

    Stedel - I assume you're quite succesful in what you do then? As I said, I like you attitude there Mark. I have the same outlook. Scared yet?

    "So, can Fairlight take PT (for my uses) to task?"

    stedel - Well if your uses are anything like mine, apparently yes. And yes. And more yes.Again IMHO have a look at Rick's Topic, the one I linked you to above.

    "I realize that is an extremely volatile and subjective question."

    stedel - I'm beginning to see that myself.
    Why do you think that is?

    Kind regards
    Stedel :cool:
  9. Mark Keefer

    Mark Keefer Guest


    I CANNOT find pricing info on the site. I must be blind. I see the "Request Pricing Info" button, is that what you're talking about? :mad:

    I'll keep looking...

    Thanks again.
  10. stedel

    stedel Guest


    Clocking in at:
    3.20pm Eastern Australian Time. Wombarra, Australia.Thursday April 18 2002

    Hi there Mark.

    My first port of call when I logged in to begin
    my Forum Moderator "STUFF" was here. Not normally where I go - I usually go to:
    (Dead Link Removed)

    I left this message for you first time around:

    Concrete Blonde- Andrew Prieboy "Tomorrow Wendy"
    "I'm listening to a band:I mean really listening to it.From the fret buzz left on the first beat of the second bar, to the clarity of the chimes, cymbals,& triangles. Big Flanging, quite severely chorused guitars - that sound really pretty, speak of a big night sky, black and full of silver an ambient effect created by really considered and careful layering of reverb.

    Basically I want Clarity, Order, Good Times - and to get my hands on whatever pieces of 20th & 21st Century Music Playing & Recording Technology helps us be happier human beings.

    Rick Hammang's Post here on the FAIRLIGHT FORUM:
    (Dead Link Removed)
    Hopefully you'll know by the time you reach the end of his post.

    BTW I'm on the other side of the planet to you. Kinda cool huh?

    Kind regards
    Stedel :cool:
  11. realdynamix

    realdynamix Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    In upon delivery, I open the carton and peal back the wrapping would my new, fully outfitted
    Dream Satellite :D , have the sweet aroma of Eucalyptus, and should I have to save the carton for service anytime soon? :confused:

    Yes! Jags are sexy, older Benz like my first 71 Silver and chrome 280SEL with the airplane engine, sunroof, leather, wood dash, and large bakelite strearing wheel, was very sexy!
  12. Henchman

    Henchman Active Member

    Oct 22, 2001
    Well, I would save the box, no matter what. But we are now running 2 MFX3plus machines and a 48 Track QDC machine, and I haven't needed any boxes for the last year and a half we've had them.

  13. realdynamix

    realdynamix Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    I am getting very excited about this!
  14. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Oh? I'm an Artist Producer. But then all Artist's are.And that'a capital "A" Artist.As in Professional. I don't drive taxi's (not that there's anything wrong with that).
    I've never worked with a Sound Designer. I've worked with some Designers who are very "un-sound",
    but never a Sound Designer.
    This may appear to be off the topic - I myself don't think so, but I'm intrigued - particularly with the sort of work you would be doing.

    Care to "Come On Down!" and chat for a little while here?
    Kind regards
    Artist Producer and (somewhat Controversial)
    Moderator Stedel!!!
    :) :cool:
  15. Mark Keefer

    Mark Keefer Guest

    From Stedel:

    I only told you that, so you'd know from which direction I was coming from, but I'd be glad to share with you what I think it is to be a sound designer and what I do.

    There are many interpretations to the term "sound designer". Some say it's just another word for "Supervising Sound Editor" - which it's NOT, and some call themselves a "sound designer" when they are really a "sound editor".

    The term "sound designer" -a kinda uppity term- gained it's popularity in the San Francisco area a while back. (and although there are many guys in LA (and most with more experience than me) that call themselves "sound designers", some LA places think you're weird or trying to be cool by using the title.)

    The truth - IMHO - is that it IS a bonafide title for guys who take new and old sounds and create a totally new palette (sp?) of sounds for things that do not exist (in the sci-fi world for instance), or meld them together in ways that create fresh approaches to sound. It is actually bending the sound so that what is on the screen actually looks like IT made that sound - so it rings true. Many times you are collecting random sounds on the field (or around the house), but sometimes you get lucky and find what you need in the SFX libraries and make up something totally new.

    I am probably 40% sound designer / 60% sound editor. I get a lot of standard editing work that requires creativity and skill, but not tons of invention. But I get my share of work (mostly in animation at this point) that requires inventing sounds for bizarre futuristic, or other types of crazy things in far-off lands.

    --Like a bicycle made totally of wood-- the wheels, chain, sprockets, everything. Where do you start? It took me a while, but after disecting the clothes ringer, adding wooden cranks and ratchets, finding a horse trotting on stone and a stagecoach wheel in my SFX collection, it started to sound pretty good after mixing it all together. Then you've got to make a slow version, a fast version, one on cobblestone, one without a road surface, starting off, slowing to a stop, whew!! That's your morning. But I LOVE IT.

    My background is in writing music, recording my stuff and local bands before I got into post audio. I think that background helped me in this new line. Cause when you write songs, and you listen back and think--"I hear a cello there", or you say, "I need it to drive just a little more here" (so you add a tambourine on the chorus playing the 16ths with the guitar).

    In a way, that's how I approach the picture. I'm trying to figure out what it's trying to sound like (or 'say'). Sometimes it's nothing . Have you ever listened closely to the "pod race" on "Star Wars-The Phantom Menace"? Ben Burtt and Gary Rydstrom used silence so effectively in a few spots that it made the rest of the sounds that much more genious.

    Sometimes it's about backing off, so when you want to say something, it gets heard and big!

    There I go talking like I know something. Please forgive me.

    Oh well, it's good every once in a while to spell out what you do, how you do it, and see how fun it looks in words. That can definitely take some of the dullness out of the grind.

    So, thanks Stedel for asking... G'Day!
  16. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Cool. Animation and Science Fiction.

    In the UK there is a big Broadcasting network called "The BBC". Maybe you've heard of it?
    Decades ago the BBC started a "children's" science fiction series "Doctor Who". It's run for years and years now.
    The music/"sound design" for the show was mostly done by a unit there called The BBC Radiophonics Workshop. The people who worked there were fully into this sort of stuff, using sound/music/soundtrack experimentation to a then unprecedented
    level. Particularly for a major broadcaster. The show began it's run early in the sixties. Their most famous "aliens" were called "The Daleks" - "Exterminate! Exterminate!" They used all sorts of techniques, synthesisers, crude (for then anyway) sampling tecniques, and manipulation of waveforms. They were very clever and adept at coming up with "atmospheric" soundtracks you could file under the category "Weird Space Time Continuum" and totally helped create the show's ambience, which considering how long it ran, was amazingly succesful. The weird sounds eventually ending up on a UK Re-mix hit of the show's theme (also "sound designed") in the 80's.
    I'm also amazed at how complex, skillful and also
    as well integrated into the total design of the
    medium, were the Warner Bros. cartoons. All the Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck (Duck Tracy in the 23rd Century) and Elmer Fudd stuff.
    16th notes? These guys used 116th notes!
    I can see why you're interested in the Dream series
    (gratuitous mention of the product and your original topic so that we keep chatting about this...if you want)....
    My brother, for many years worked as a SFX person in radio and Television at the Australian "equivalent" of the BBC - the "ABC" (he's still there but got "promoted"). He's done all sort of stuff there now, from sound engineering, vision mixing, location sound recording and running studio's there (hmm must run in the family...).
    On Rick's post I talk about the response of a studio owner friend of mine when I told him I was going with Fairlight. If you read it, my brother
    (who as I said has worked in sound recording and broadcasting..what, for 25 years now?) had the opposite reaction.
    When I told him I was going to get a Fairlight system (and he knows his "stuff") he just said
    "hmm, yeah Fairlight".

    Because he & I are brothers, I knew what that meant - I'll translate it for you:
    "I've seen everything - and my friends do soundtracks for Hanna BarBra (is that how you spell it? Bin a long time..) using Pro Tools,(remember you did some recording in their studio's at Crow's Nest in Sydney?) and wethe ABC, myself included, were involved with the Olympics.Which used...?
    Cool move brother, can I come and play with it?"

    Just thought I'd let you know.
    AS I said, gotta watch those ProTools cults.
    And what's this about Christoph's life being threatened? Anybody seen him lately?
    Kind regards
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