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    I usually use an echo mona with sonar software and ASIO drivers but I recently received an M-Audio firewire solo for free that i would like to use in addition to the echo. The only problem is ASIO drivers only support one sound card at a time! I've tried using WMD drivers, but for some odd reason the drivers make everything coming though the firewire solo sound extremely distorted and it also changes the pitch to point where it sounds like garbage.

    Does anyone know any alternatives? or at least how to fix my problem with the WMD drivers?!

    I've also tried using ASIOx but i don't think it was compatible with my soundcard(s) since every time i would try and start sonar, it would crash (every single time!)

    I would really appreciate if someone could help since this has been bugging me for a long time know, this is sort of a last resort.

    thanks!! please help!!
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    May 11, 2006
    as to the pitch business usually what that is it's set at a different sample rate than originally recorded at... and therefore plays faster/higher or slower/lower... am not gonna be able to help with the drivers issue i'm afraid... and frankly dont hold out much hope for it working... it's often hard to get multiple cards to play well together (even when same brand at times) and in most cases your better off using the drivers specific to that card... one thing you may want to try... i've not done it myself but have heard some have used drivers written by asio4all with good results...

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