Drum loops - Smartloops and others - What do you use?

Discussion in 'Drums' started by DPL, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. DPL

    DPL Guest

    I've been using Smartloops for drum loops. My past experience told me to either get a good drummer or learn how to play - times they have changed. As a guitar player, I figure I have enough on my hands...I know good drummers but in my studio, it's very comfortable to have loops on hand to pull together a demo. So, what have you guys used? I'm very into real sounding drums, not your typical electronica stuff. Anyone recommend anything specific? I use Sonar amongst other things. I'd love to know what anyone has found to be "the best". And for those who haven't checked out Smart Loops, it's good...really good. Thanks!
  2. dark_catt

    dark_catt Guest

    well, I have found that when you have a limited budget and even more limited space.

    I use acid to do loops ,and fruity loops to do all my drums

    ok here is my chance to a bad joke

    Did you hear about the guitarist that locked his keys in his car ?

    it took him 2 hours to get his drummer out
  3. slacovdael

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    fruity loops is the best, it is all i use. even if you just buy the cheapest version, (it is all you need). it does perfectly. not only does it come with some real sounding kits, you can also download them too.
  4. DPL

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    OK - but what if your budget was much, much higher. What would you use for loops and samples to achieve the best rock kit sound? Does anyone use loops or samples by Bob Clearmountain? A lot of albums come out of Greenhouse Studios with the same freakin rock drum sound...surely they're not all real drummers using the same kit?

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