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Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by AmoryBlaine, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. AmoryBlaine

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    I would like to have drum machine software on my mac (like fruity loops) however fruity loops has no mac version. Can I get some suggestions on software? And now that i think aboubt it, is it better to have drum machine software or a drum machine? Intrigue me.
    Amory Blaine
  2. Roey

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    It depends what is it about Fruity Loop that you like.

    I used fruity loop as well, and I think it is the best tool for choosing samples and constructing beats, but for big arrangements I would transfer all the samples to a hardware sampler after choosing them.

    I think Reason is your best shot. They have this one-click sample scroll feature which can be extremely useful. It also works with Logic or ProTools.

    I was highly impressed by NI Kontakt (I guess it's the best software sampler out there), but I fail to understand how such an amazing product can overlook the needs of drum programmers: there is no one-click option to replace a sample once it's positions on the keyboard (you need to delete a zone and create a new one), so using it for drum programming is not very practical in my opinion.

    I don't like drum machines. I think soft-samplers are the way forward as far as drum programming is concerned.
  3. GrooveMonkee

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    I would stay with software and not a hardware drum machine if I were you. If you need a sequencer, Reason isn't a bad choice.

    If you have a sequencer (Sonar, Cubase, etc) then download the RMIV demo here:

  4. illkid

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    Reason is great....and you get all those other tools as well...and the price is right. If you are used to old drum machine sequencers...Redrum acts alot like that. Also Logic 7 has a pretty decent drum plug(as far as I can tell...our studio just got L7 last week)

    Fruity is cool cuz it is so easy to use...but if you get into serious sequencing it may start to feel limited

    Try and find an old 606 on ebay...that is a great drum machine and it will familiarize you with how DMs work...Personally I think having a good amount of hardware and software in your arsenal is the way to go...eg; run the 606 through a couple guitar pedals then through an amp= crunchy, cool and gross sounds!)

    good luck!

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