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    Does enyone konw how to mix your recorded drums so they sound like en electronic drum machine?
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    Record electronic drums to begin with.

    What do you want to make sound like what?
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    triggering samples will do the trick!
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    Sep 26, 2005
    I really think this is a legitimate question.

    rasmush, if when you mean "sound like electronic drums", you mean a really good sampled drum machine like a Linn or, Alesis & others? Those are actually really good recorded & processed drum recordings, as samples.

    If you mean Ricky Tikky purely synthetic? It's audio oscillators, noise generators, Gates, attack, sustaine, decay envelopes. Then you have to make organized sense of these artificially generated sound effects. Generally with some kind of MIDI based program like Cubase, ProTools, etc.. Or, you could find yourself an old Roland 808, something from the early 1980s and you'd have electronic sounding drums. You can also use the synthesizer on an old Sound Blaster card from the early 1990s & voila'!

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