Drum overheads - mic preferences

Discussion in 'Room & Overhead' started by molehole, Jan 6, 2015.

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    Ah - but UK Ford isn't quite the same - and weirdly Vauxhall is a bit like Audio Technica, in that Nissan and Renault have an identical, but differently priced vehicle on sale too!
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    SM81s are to overheads as SM58s are to live vocals. If your drum sound sucks it's not because you used SM81s on overheads.

    I use the C1000S, but not for overheads. They oddly work on some difficult sources when other "better" mics fail. But it does tend to be a mic of last resort.
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    I agree with all of those are good choices. The AKG C414 models are all quite different from each other. I like the old classic C414B ULS and AKG C451EB mics. Shure sm81 is a very useful mic too. The Rode NT5 is also good value as mentioned.
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    Actually, the 414 ULS - while a great mic - isn't considered to be the "classic" of the 414 lineage. The 414EB - and before - was the series that most now consider to be the "classic" models, because they still used the original brass C12 capsule.
    All subsequent models, from the P48 and on, incorporated a Mylar capsule.
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    The problem with the nt-5 is it doesn't have a pad, so it limits were and when you can use them as overheads.
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    The Rode NT55 is a better choice for overheads. Same capsule as the NT5, but has pad and HP filter switches.
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