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Discussion in 'Room & Overhead' started by WRX07, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. WRX07

    WRX07 Guest

    What would you guys suggest for drum overheads? So far I've been looking at AKG 451's or AKG C414's.
  2. JoeDj

    JoeDj Guest

    What I use in my studio is DPA 4006 matched pair; Neumann 184 matched pair.
    In my experience working in other studios I used to see the classic AKG C12. I hear the new model is not as good. Also I've seen the classic Elam 250.
    Another good mics are the Earthworks.
    Good luck! :cool:
  3. LittleDogAudio

    LittleDogAudio Active Member

    Sep 24, 2004
    I have both the 414's and the 451's.

    It depends if you are looking for mics that are more dedicated as drum overs or something that can play many roles. The 414's are still one of the most versatile mics I know of.

    I would look into the Neumann 184's also like Joe said.

  4. trid

    trid Guest

    I like Neumann KM184's and U87's i've also done well with Shure KSM44's and Oktava 012's. Like LittleDog said it's also tough to go wrong with 414's.
  5. WRX07

    WRX07 Guest

    Right now the only "nice" mic I have is a Royer R-121, so versatile would be better. Which 414 model would be best for overheads? How are the 414's and KM184's on other acoustic instruments like acoustic guitars, piano, etc.? Thanks, guys
  6. Oddity

    Oddity Guest

    Might be worth takeing a look at the Shure SM81s. A little cheaper then the others your looking at (which is always good ;), and I've had great results with them (so have others from what I hear).
  7. sproll

    sproll Active Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    Studio Projects C4's... check em out! :cool:
  8. auxilarysend

    auxilarysend Guest


    414s are undenyably good oh's, however AT4051s are decent oh's at a fraction of the $.
  9. WRX07

    WRX07 Guest

    Which of the newer models is better for overheads?
  10. johnmcg

    johnmcg Guest

    don't have the money for the higher end ones myself, but have had great results with both the sm81's and 4051's.
  11. J-3

    J-3 Active Member

    Jul 20, 2004
    I've had really good results with my MK-012's (cards.) I'm looking to get a set of Avenson STO-2's, supposed to be Earthworks killers. I'd check them out if I were you. Do you want Omni's or Card's or need something with selectable patterns?

    I've heard good things about the C4's as well. The 414 I had for a while was kinda lifeless compared to my TLM 103, same with my 4050. Of course if you already have a R-121 I'd think about getting another and you'll have two kick ass mics for overs, acoustics, elecs, percussion you name it. Some vocals are great with em, some not. You'd still need a good LDC for vocals and kick, you'd be rockin for shure.

    What kind of pres' you running?
  12. tomtom

    tomtom Guest

    How about a second R 121?
    I got the R 122 and I'm going crazy because I can't afford a second one right now.

    The KM 184 is a bit noisy on softer sources, but has a nice tone.
    It performs very well on strings.
    The AKG C451 is a good, inexpensive microphone. I suggest that you get a matched pair. Right now, it comes in a little flightcase with a free stereo bar. Great on acoustic guitar.

  13. WRX07

    WRX07 Guest

    Two RNP's, a DBX 376, Bellari RP503, and still waitin for my Vintech X73i's to come in.
  14. aphid

    aphid Guest

    Two of the AKG c 535 eb! Best investment I've made interms of microphones. Really takes the edge off of harsh symbols and is still an excellent vocal (its intended use) and fantastic acoustic guitar mic. Might be too soft for extremely heavy music but I hate harsh symbols period.

    Get them used of ebay around $140 a piece.
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