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Discussion in 'Room & Overhead' started by Hitman, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Hitman

    Hitman Guest

    I have read several posts on this subject, and based on my budget (which ain't much) I have decided on these two opitons:

    Kel HM-1 matched pair
    MXL 603s matched pair

    Would anyone be willing to offer an opinion on these two mic.s, or an option that I should consider.

  2. poprocks

    poprocks Guest

    Of those two, I'd go HM-1. In fact, I believe a pair of those will be my next purchase. The 603s are said to be quite hyped in the highs and therefore harsh on bright cymbals. I would also look at AT3031 if you can drop a few more bucks.

  3. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    I have not heard the KEL's...I have heard the MXL's...Seems if these are what you've narrowed to as choices that theres a strict budget here.If all you are wanting them for are drum overs, then I'd have to add the ADK SC1's to the pot.They have an excellent pattern for a kit and their frequency response seems to fit the drum tonality to a tee.They are not particularly hyped and that seems to make for smoother cymbal response as well as a definate separation with the other drums. I've had a set for almost three years, use em live and in the studio, never a bad moment.They're okay for acoustic guitars but very finicky as to the guitars individual tone..Some will be great others not so much...but on drums they shine very brightly.
  4. dabhoys

    dabhoys Guest

    I picked up a matched pair of SP C4's before x-mas and I love them. There amazing for overheads and guitars. I even used them on female vocals. There a great mic for the price
  5. tony-moore

    tony-moore Guest

    I really dig the pair of small diaghram condensor's (Oktava 012) I've had for about 5-6 years. You can also buy different capsules (cardoid, omni) for them. I've found these to be GREAT on O/H and also good for many other acoustic instruments.

    I ordered a pair of cheap ribbon mic's from PPA with the intent on trying them as O/H too. I'm really curious how those will turn out...

  6. Hitman

    Hitman Guest

    I have been reading all that I can about the Oktava 012, C4, Kel and I checked out the ADK's too. I have no practical recording experience from the engineering side, only as a player. There are so many mic options that is baffles the mind.

    Yes, budget is big in my decision. I'm thinking that the C4's may be the best because they have a cardiod and omni option, as well as HPF and pad.

    I've read that the Oktava 012 and MXL 603s are nearly identical in sound, but offer less options when compared to the C4's.

    Kel HM-1's??? I have only heard the sound files from the Kel Audio web site. To my ears they don't seem to have much in the upper end? They have been described as "dark" sounding, and they do sound dark to me. Their drum sound file sounds a bit squashed to me?

    I wish I had more experience and a better reference from which to make my decisions.
  7. trid

    trid Guest

    the only mic mentioned that i've used is the oktava 012 and i would definitely recommend it. very pleasing response for cymbals.
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