Drum pads for "live drummer" feel...?

Discussion in 'Drums' started by Audio Engineer, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. I'm wanting to play electronic drum pads with live drum samples rather than simply programming, to get the feel of a real drummer, but I've struck a problem...

    I've hooked up my drum pads to my Alesisi D4 - works great - but the D4 internal sounds aren't so great, so...

    I connected the MIDI out of the D4 to my EMU sampler hoping that I could use the drum pads via the D4 to trigger some great drum samples I've got in the EMU sampler, but....

    when I hit the drum pads, it only triggers the first part of the sample for a mini millisecond (as long as the duration of the hit on the pads).

    What am I doing wrong? Some of the samples are 0.5 secs or longer with room ambience, etc.

    Anyone please help!!
  2. sleeper

    sleeper Guest

    I cant remember if there's any way to make the midi signal that the d4 sends transmit a longer note duration, but it might be possible.

    what you likely will have to do is set up your e4 samples to trigger as 1-shot so that any duration midi message will play the sample once from start to finish. once you are in 1-shot mode you probably want to set up the voices to different groups and make these groups monophonic so that when you hit a kick or snare the second time it retriggers the samples instead of overlapping and layering multiple decays etc.
    I haven't had my e6400 for a few years but i remember being able to
    make templates with these types of setups and then copying them and adding samples to build up kits.
    have fun.
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