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    i need some help. we have no idea how to record our drum set. we have experience with recording guitar and vocals, but not the drums we just got. here is our setup: 5 piece set(standard) hi-hat and crash. we record acoustic guitar and vocals thru M-audio firewire solo recording interface. the guitar is recorded a behringer b-5 condenser "pencil" mic. vocals are recorded thru CAD large diaphragm mic. now that you know what we have....tell us what we need. I need to know what equipment to get, how many mic and what type, and anything else you guys can help me with. keep in mind we are 20-somethings recording in a basement and we dont have deep pockets. any help would be greaty appreciated. thanks.
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    Here is what one newbie (like myself) might do: buy another B-5 use a pair of them on overheads with the omni capsule in place. Then get a kick drum mic, anywhere for $100-$200. Then if you have funds, get a 57 for the snare. That should get you by for now, add tom mics and room mics as funds allow, you could even use the CAD mic you have now, for a room mic.

    But remember I am just a newbie.
  3. Groff

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    Jul 18, 2004
    AKG D 112 for the kick, SM57 for the snare, both are good, affordable and used by many pros.

    Like TimRP said, you can use another B5 for overs (in pair).

    If the room doesn't sound good, room mics would pick up that too. Usually you need two LDC in stereo position for ambient sound.

    Less mics on drum set often means less problems for starters, but kick, snare and overs are a "must have".

    If budget allow you, check the Studio Project C4 pair. Nice set, interchangeable capsules (omni, cardoid). You can use it for overs and acoustic guitar (stereo). They are better than Behringer. Rode NT 5 (pair) is also good solutions.

    Most important for the drums sound (except player) are well tuned drums, room sound (with some blankets of rockwool or fiberglass in corners and ceiling you can make your basement acoustically better place) and positions of the mics (a inch or different angle could make big difference). Take care of phase-related problems.

    Regards and good luck.
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