Drumkit from hell loading question

Discussion in 'Drums' started by gorchie, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. gorchie

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    I have recently purchased Drumkit from Hell Superior. I have Cubase SL for pc. 2.5 GB Ram and 200 GB hard drive. I have having trouble loading it.
    I have loaded the 10 cd's onto my computer already.
    In the instruction booklet it says to have a look a the tutorial. I follow the instructions. I find the cubase tutorial. I drag it into the folder with all of my songs on Cubase. I then choose to "open" within Cubase. I find the song "Cubase.PC.."
    I open it. It looked different then my normal Cubase songs, but there is marking on it. I am able to press play and it shows the bar blinking as if music is being played however I can hear no sound.

    I am able to hear the sound on all of my other cubase songs.

    I have already tried hitting the solo/ mute buttons and the track activation options. Has anybody ran into this problem?

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