Drumkit recorded in my new studio

Discussion in 'Drums' started by VaqueroVerbal, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    Need some feedback on the sound of the drums.

    Its my first test recording in my new studio.
    Well the drumkit is kinda not that good, old mapex venus or something like this (beginner class) from a friend of mine with 4 year old heads :)
    The playing is not good at all, I just recently started to play drums.
    And I guess the tuning sucks, too.

    Signal chain
    Kick: Beta 52a
    Snare Top and Bottom: SM57
    Hihat: MB4000c ( Audio Technica)
    Overhead: Akg C414 b-uls (just own one,too bad) above my right shoulder

    All going into an Allen & Heath GS3 and into a Motu 1224

    Just a little bit of Eqing and Limiting on the mix (so its nearly a raw recording)


  2. gameofsk8

    gameofsk8 Guest

    I think the quality is pretty good even for being that raw.

    I'm a beginner engineer so I don't know too much or exactly how to give more descriptive feed back.

    Maybe you can help with a question I have:
    I was wondering what exactly the MOTU does?
  3. Thanks for your reply.

    The 1224 is a computer-based digital audio hard disk recording system.
    A so called Audiointerface.
    It translates the electrical signal (Microphones,etc...) into a digital format 1´s and 0´s.

  4. GeckoMusic

    GeckoMusic Guest

    Kick sounds nice
    Snare is a little empty like there is a phasing issue. Did you remember to invert the phase? What does it sound like with just the top microphone? What angles did you use? Are the microphones equal distance from the top head?

    The 414 sounds great.

    The HH microphone either needs to be move back a little to match the ambiance the 414 has, or perhaps a little ambient reverb? or 414 closer to the hat?

    Your room sounds nice. Not like many untreated bed room recordings.

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