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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by TFodor, May 14, 2004.

  1. TFodor

    TFodor Guest

    Has anyone got any information regarding pci or firewire dsp solutions to enable more and better plugin handling in Protools LE systems. I can handle working with a restricted track count but I constantly choke my computer with plugins. Its a 001 with 5.1 software but I would like to upgrade to 6.4 as soon as I can. I was also curious as to whether the software upgrade will take it from 24 to 32 tracks?
  2. nuclearmoon

    nuclearmoon Guest

    Yup the upgrade gets you to 32 tracks. As a 001 user I have never seen anything that will help DSP (in LE) except intelligent plug-in management and lots of RAM. Are you running on a Mac or PC? I may be able to help even more if I knew your platform......
  3. TFodor

    TFodor Guest

    I am currently using a PC, 2.4 Ghz Celeron with 512 Mg Ram DDR 400 on a jetway board and 2 80 Gig Western digital drives, OS is XP pro.Pretty nasty piece of work really but I am looking at leasing a G5 Mac for the studio very soon, I think I can justify the expense....Any idea what sort of performance I can expect out of it? Will the new PCI slots in the G5 cause me any grief?
  4. Duardo

    Duardo Guest

    The 001 is not compatible with the PCI slots in the G5 at all, so if you move over to that you'll also have to upgrade to a Digi002 rack.

  5. bubblegum

    bubblegum Guest

    If you are prepared to stay on OS9 then try and find a Korg OASYS PCI card.

    Amazing sound card with loads of excellent sounding effects (reverbs, delays.everything) onboard DSP, doesn't touch the CPU and effects are adjusted as if they are plugins. ADAT in/out.

    Install the OASYS connect the digo001 card to the oasys via the ADAT lightpipes (in & out) and you have 4 stereo send/returns or 8 mono or any combination.

    This will upgrade you system's performance massively.

    Throw away your RTAS reverb plugs and use the OASYS reverbs and you have a "poor man's TDM" system.

    I used this setup for 3 years and it was truly awesome!

    I have now sold it as I no longer do so much recording.

    OASYS is not OS-X compatible as far as I know, but I could be wrong.

    Good luck.
  6. nuclearmoon

    nuclearmoon Guest

    If you are going G5, then do the Hardware Exchange from Digidesign. You can trade from a 001 w/standard LE to a 002 w/LE Factory (more BF plug-ins along with the essentials) for $1045US.

    The G5 has PCI-X slots that WILL NOT WORK with the 001. I actually think you can fry the card or the slot if you try.

    The 002 handles alot of DSP from what I understand, so you shouldn't have this issue much more. If you do, then you might consider a solution from TCI. The make firewire reverb DSPs and the such.

  7. Duardo

    Duardo Guest

    Actually, the 002 doesn't handle any at all. There's a new wrapper available that lets you use the PowerCore or UAD1 in Pro Tools...I haven't tried it out myself, but I've heard it actually works well.

  8. bubblegum

    bubblegum Guest

    With respect to the UAD1 card and the FXpansion RTAS wrapper, it seems that although the plugins on the card will work within PTLE, they will still tax the host CPU instead of the UAD1 DSP's. Whether this is a bug that will be ironed out or not I don't know, but the last time I read about it this was the case.
  9. Trinitor

    Trinitor Guest

    Damn, that's bad news. I was considering the UAD1 card, but was trying to figure this "problem" out. I'm not buying it only for the plug-ins, it should tax the host CPU less ... :oops:

    So the only possibility to use PCI cards and free some CPU power would be HD1 :shock:
  10. doulos21

    doulos21 Member

    May 26, 2003
    why not take the extra time and run 2 sets of software? dump your tracks out process them with the uda card and bounce back into pro tools? i did that for a while when i had better plugins on dx then i had on rtas worked quite well took an extra 10 mins though, but worth the results for things you cant get in rtas like sonic foundry’s acoustic mirror that thing is worth its weight in

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