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    I have a small room 5 X 5 feet with foam on the walls and ceiling in that room is my GT50 mic, LCD monitor and keyboard going out to pc in adjacent room. GT50 mic à ART TPS II Preamp à Yamaha GO46 ADDA Fire-Wire à Dell Optiplex GX280 2.8GHz P4 80GB HD 1GB Ram, Windows XP, Cubase Studio 4, various plugins à I monitor recordings Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Headphones. I record at 24 bit 96,000 Hz setting,
    and the recordings TO ME sound dull, no tone, not clear and bright. The XLR input cables I’ am using are of decent quality.
    I am not using any insert plugins AS THEY FOLLOW THE RECORDED TRACK IN THE SIGNAL PATH ANYWAY. At least I believe so!!
    Maybe there’s too much foam on the walls or the room is to small?
    Anyone have any suggestions. Help!!!!!!
  2. bouldersound

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    Jan 23, 2010
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    Is the mic pointed the right way? I believe the GT logo points to the source.

    Have you tried the different impedance settings on the preamp?

    The room is rather small, and the foam may be affecting the tone somewhat. Try taking some foam off.
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    Unless the voice is a bit dull, already, the foam should not have such a radical influence on the original source of sound..the mouth of the singer.
    But it can mess up your room ambience sound quite a bit....
    Ever tried it outside the recording room? Is it the same dullnes there?
    Is the power supply to the mic ok? Checked the pre-amp with other mics, etc?
    Strange ... ?!
  4. tymiller

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    Hi bouldersound
    I have the logo pointed to me. I have also sang close to mic and at a distance. I have set the impedance every way possible. I will try taking some foam off.
    Thank You bouldersound for the reply
  5. tymiller

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    HI Big K
    I have been told I have a good singing voice. Something like Paul Simons of Simon & Garfunkel. I have tried it in a bigger room with less foam and my voice sounded less dull but to many mids like a tin can, not to mention the wife’s soap opera dialog. I checked the phantom voltage with a meter it was 48 V on nose. My other mics have relatively the same results.
    Thank You: Big K
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    What are your other mics? Perhaps you just have mics w/o a lot of top-end response?

    Like BigK said, if singing really close to the mic, the foam/room shouldn't dull things that much.
    The closer you are, the more presence.
  7. drivebystudios

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    Jan 12, 2011
    Have you ever had a good sound with the mic?
    Its possible the mic might have blown a capacitator or something in the electronics...should be cheap to fix if so. Open the mic up and have a quick look if your confident enough to do that.

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