Dynaudio Acoustics BM6A's

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Irene, Apr 24, 2002.

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  1. Irene

    Irene Guest


    Does anyone have any feedback/opinions about these monitors?
    I'm considering buying them.

  2. John Murphy

    John Murphy Guest

    well here's someone elses view on them


  3. Irene

    Irene Guest

    Thanks John
    That's an interesting link.
    Certainly encouraging.. must check out the current UK price, I think that they are cheaper than the Mackies here/now..
  4. Hardnox

    Hardnox Guest

    That's what we have in our studio. Came highly recommended to us. Great low end response. Over-all they sound great, but not too great to fool you. We are very happy.
  5. Sly

    Sly Guest

    I have a pair Renie. I had narrowed it down to those or the Mackie ones. I thought the mackies were too clinical in the end. They seemed a bit bright. I found the Dynaudios slightly more rounded. They manage to sound amazing without being overly flattering. I haven't looked back.
  6. jo

    jo Active Member

    Oct 9, 2001
    Home Page:
    I have a pair and love em very much. I checked out the Mackies (they sounded strange in the middle range to me) and the Genelecs (don't remember all the numbers - different pairs). I like the Genelecs but the Dynaudio sound more natural in the high end to me. So I went with em and never looked back.
    For a little more earth shaking I bought a BX 30 subwoofer. It's nice to have it but you don't really need it if you're not listening at too loud levels.

    Good luck Jo
  7. Irene

    Irene Guest

    Thanks Danny Sly and Jo for the encouraging words.

    I'm hoping to get a pair soon.


    Renie :)
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